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  • Honest Analysis Of Harrapan Script

    of Harappan Script Speculations Since their discovery around 1920, the Harrapan seals of the Indus Valley Civilizations (circa. 2600–1900 B.C.) have been a topic of debate. Said seals contain pictures of unicorn-like cow creatures, human figures, and short bursts of symbols, seemingly crammed onto the seal as an afterthought . Scholars are unable to come to any sort of consensus on the issue and have resorted to publishing articles that focus more on why everyone else is wrong than attempting to decipher the strange artifacts. This is particularly true when it comes to the odd symbols. While it seems to be the natural order of things, the manner in which scholars approach decipherment of this mysterious script is counterintuitive…

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  • Trifles In Susan Glaspell's Trifle To The Truth

    Wright’s wife of the murder. While they’re searching, the wives of the sheriff and Mr. Hale get caught up in the “trifles” of the house, and are made fun of by the men (Glaspell 7-12). There is an accurate represent of the difference between men and women and irony that’s made evident in the script and portrayed well in the black and white photo. The way in which the men and women are standing in the photo gives away many clues about the story. The women are standing very close together. This…

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  • Execution Day: A Review Of A Film

    who tracks down a serial killer. Because there have been so many of these types of films, to stand out the script needs to offer the genre something new. The script attempts to do this with the idea of the protagonist planting evidence. There’s definite merit to the idea of a police detective being so frustrated by a case that they “help” with the evidence. It’s a nice set up for conflict and tension, as well as a moral dilemma. The moral question is posed: how far will a cop go? The story also…

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  • Theater Performance Critique

    of the play before intermission I was sitting next to my sister whispering about how the man who plays Peter looked so familiar turns out he played the medical examiner in one of our favorite television shows “Castle”. During intermission we continued to look at the casts resumes on the program and the whole cast had a very interesting and impressing resume. Hate to say it but after knowing all these interesting people were performing in this show I probably became bias and would easy rate this…

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  • A Revenge Story Analysis

    REVENGE is a dramatic, medieval action script. The story offers an intriguing world with warriors, Kings, witches, betrayal, forbidden love, and murder. There’s a solid theme about revenge that is well interwoven into the overall plot. Revenge stories are a tried and true concept. They are always a good framework for conflict, tension, and character transformation. Medieval stories also offer a world that is well liked. The idea of two families in conflict with each other is always a smart…

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  • Wired For Wealth Summary

    One way that people with ample or substantial money can be kept in poor spirits is by underspending. Even though they have the money, they may be motivated not to or even scared to spend it. Not spending a little extra money on things they enjoy can cause one to be unhappy with their life. People who do this may have money scripts such as, “money should be saved not spent” or “it is extravagant to spend money on yourself.” Another way that money scripts can keep you in poor spirits is through…

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  • Thrillers Film Analysis

    Although, not original, it’s a tried and true concept that remains appealing. This script adds a twist in that the women trapped in the building are alienated sisters. Independent filmmakers often look for these types of thrillers. The script is driven by the theme of survival, healing, and bonding. The goal is clear and the stakes are high. The script uses some of the elements that make for successful thrillers, such as a contained setting, cut off from communication, unexplained sounds,…

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  • Thriller Film Analysis

    PASSWORD is an intriguing contained thriller. The script utilizes some of the techniques that make for a compelling thriller, such as a contained setting, isolation, cut off from communication, and the threat of harm or death. There’s a three-act structure. The opening sets up the idea of a home invasion. However, the opening with the police scanner is distracting and confusing. It’s unclear exactly what’s happening and it becomes diverting. Focus the opening more on Ray watching the house and…

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  • A Synopsis And Analysis Of Purchate By Kufre

    to the industry, the script presents with a unique setting in Nigeria, which gives this thriller a refreshing point of view. The goal is clear and the stakes are high. The script features a very likable female protagonist who drives the plot. The audience effortlessly emotionally connects to Ida and her plight. One easily roots for Ida. In addition, the story offers the character of Colby, a young troubled boy, who steals the hearts of the audience. The opening scene sets the tone and creates…

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  • A Critical Analysis Of 'The HYBRID'

    THE HYBRID is a sci-fi thriller with a solid concept. The idea of a young child disappearing and his desperate father fearing that aliens abducted him is a very appealing premise. The concept easily hooks the audience. While there’s a lot to really like about the premise, overall the script would benefit from more development. The story begins well. The first 13 pages are engaging. There’s a solid inciting event when the young boy, Micah, goes missing. The audience is emotionally invested in…

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