Theater Performance Critique

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For my Live Performance Critique Assignment I saw the theater performance “Future Thinking”. The story revolved around a man named peter probably in his late forties or early fifties being questioned by the security guard Jim about not following the rules of his restraining order with a young actress named Chiara. Peter is absolutely in love with Chiara and would do anything just to get her autograph even if that meant breaking the restraining order. By Peter being the stalker he is he did end up breaking the law for that one autograph and ended up being locked in a small room with only a table, chair, and Jim. In theater there are six key elements. The first key element is the audience. In “Future Thinking” I feel the audience was very much …show more content…
Like I said previously they did a wonderful job casting and portraying every character perfectly. As cheesy as this may sound I often forgot I watching a theater program because it felt almost real. Often when I am stuck looking at something for long periods of time I catch myself daydreaming about something totally different from what’s in front of me but I can say the director succeeded in keeping my attention on the show for the entire time.
LaBord 3 The fifth element to theater is theater space. In this particular production it took place on a proscenium stage. “Future Thinking” did not have many changes in scenery so it was very easy to just change a few things around and everything look different. I believe this was a good decision for a stage for the reasons of everything looked great but also it was all so fast and simple and easy to switch from the interrogation room to Chiara’s hotel room. The sixth and final element is the design elements. The scenery in this production was very simple. The whole production took place in either Chiara’s room, the bodyguard’s room or the interrogation room. Both Chiara’s hotel room and the bodyguard’s room were exactly the same with a minor wall change. Lighting remained the same throughout the whole production as did costumes. Occasionally the music seemed a little over powering for the moment but even that was so minor it wasn’t the biggest

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