Resident Alien Play Analysis

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Going into this whole endeavor, I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Although I don’t dislike theatre and plays, the title of this particular work didn’t strike me as the least bit interesting. My eyes were opened during the performance, and I was quick to change my harsh judgment. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the new musical, Resident Alien. All of the performers did very well in my opinion. Iliana Garcia, Kelly McCarty, and Kylee Smith Verhoff, Libby Rounds, Annie Sorey, Jimmy Kurts, and Hunter Taylor were among my favorites, both as performers and characters. Portraying Russian characters, they had fake accents that were very convincing. Other than a few small slips ups in singing, I couldn’t tell that they weren’t Russian. They all had …show more content…
Depending on the size and budget of a theatre, as well as the detail needed to fulfill certain settings, the scenery can vary among productions. The scenery of Resident Alien was pretty simple and basic, yet it still conveyed the appropriate setting to the audience. Not having an overbearing amount of scenery allowed for the audience to focus on the performers and what was happening. With such a small stage, there wasn’t much space to utilize, but the set designers did a great job of using what they had. Pictures were projected on the wall behind the stage to add to the physical scenery. Although not completely inappropriate, I didn’t think that this was necessary because it was usually clear where each scene was set. Another piece I found somewhat irrelevant and almost distracting was the grid/cage prop. It was a little diverting from the main scenery in the beginning, but seemed to fade away as the play went on. Nonetheless, I still failed to see the significance of it. The overall scenery design of Resident Alien was aesthetically pleasing and accomplished its main function of providing a suitable, meaningful

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