Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Analysis

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Every time I think of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, the first thing that comes into my mind is, “POPULISM YEA YEA!” When I saw Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson for the first time at the Clayton Performing Arts Center, I was very impressed with the overall production of such a complex, extreme play. In detail, I plan to discuss the fantastic key components that the director included such as: the overall overview, performance, and design layout that ultimately allows individuals, like me, to get a better understanding of the play Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.
In the play of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, the main goal of the play was to tell the life story of Andrew Jackson through an emo, rock, satirical way. Furthermore, the play discusses the role
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Two particular actors who played the characters of “Andrew Jackson” and “Rachel” did a fantastic job. The actor who played “Andrew Jackson” did a great job of remembering all of his lines and important factual information he had to retain. In addition, he added a “spunk” feel to Andrew Jackson making him feel more modern and “hip”. I personally think that “spunk” allowed me to relate to him more. Furthermore, the actress who played “Rachel” did a fantastic job of staying into character even in the scenes that she was not on stage and in the crowd. I think the actors/actresses were well prepared by the director and think they were great individuals who allowed me to get lost in the history of Andrew …show more content…
For this reason, I think the costume designer did a great job crafting garments that spoke for the character. I believed that in this play, the articles of clothing that they were wearing helped show their personality traits without having the characters saying a word. Furthermore, Andrew Jackson’s costume was a focal point for me because of the “spunk” that was added to his costume. With the bling, rhinestones, and the emo black eye I think the added designs helped the audience portray Andrew Jackson in a more modern environment. Also, I think the lighting designer did a great job in the scenes when the “Live Band” was playing and the concert scene. Both of these scenes were very particular in the fact that if lighting was shined where it was not supposed to be, it could have potentially shined in the audience’s face. Overall, I think the costume and lighting designer both did fantastic jobs adding elements to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson that allowed the audience to get a better understanding of the play.
All in all, I think Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was a well-directed play that combined past history and today’s modern history into one play. The most prevailing message I got from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is that “history repeats itself” if no one is aware of certain events and does not speak up about the things that are occurring. With the overall production, design

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