The Wild Party Play Analysis

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Play Analysis Wild Party The given circumstances are 1. Queenie is a vaudeville performer, and Burrs is a vaudevillian clown. This information influences the play because it tells the audience how Queenie and Burrs met 2. Later on in the song Queenie Was a Blonde the audience learns that Queenie is sexually ambitious, and no one can satisfy her until she meets Burrs. During the opening number, it is mentioned that “and fireworks flew, her passion ignited, she was smitten…now Queenie and Burrs were well-fed…was the fact that they were so good in bed.” These lyrics influence the play because by finding each other, they found someone who could keep up with them in bed. They were full, satisfied and happy. 3. In the song Queen Was a Blonde, Burrs mentions that “he was mean and rough, he was made of vile and violent stuff.” This song influences the play because it foreshadows that rape scene. By telling that audience that he is the type of the person that would rape another person. Now, Queenie loves violent men, but then he becomes too violent even for her. Burrs was a very scary famous clown that everyone loved because he could make them laugh. 4. Queenie …show more content…
Black asks Queenie why she’s still with Burrs even though he abuses her. Queenie says that she’s just used to it. The first line that Queenie sings in Maybe I Like It This Way is “I know it’s wrong.” She knows that she shouldn’t be in this relationship. All their relationship has been about is sex and abuse. She’s never met someone like Black, who treats her well. Queenie likes it this way because a part of her still likes Burrs. She says “I like the way he laughs his strange and silent stares, like the way he moves and the way he’s always there, the way he calls my name, the way he takes control, I like the way this man has stirred my soul.” She’s not ready for change, even though Burrs abused her, but that’s what Black wants her to do is change, and to choose him

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