Dance Concert Review: Stream Of Consciousness

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Opening night, the dancers that performed in the University Dance Theatre production, had talent, agility, and graceful movements. The concert had a variety of dance genres, visual appeal, and emotions that each piece and the show overall represented. Humor, drama, and serenity were not emotions I thought I would receive while watching these dances. One thing I did not realize would make many of the pieces was how crucial and reliant lighting and graphics were necessary to make the piece more visually interesting. However, I was excepting similar dances and movements; even if, some pieces had comparable choreography and emotional appeal the diversity stood out. Nonetheless, this was definitely a night to remember. Humor, grace, abrupt movements, and even using the technique in grabbing one of the audience members, Stream of Consciousness, was one of my favorite modern dance pieces. There were two dancers dressed in plain clothing, one male, and one …show more content…
Even though, it could be done with either male or female, I believe that the dance was best with both genders because it gave the audience a way to contrast between the characters’ personalities. It reminded me a lot of how a married couple feels about each other or jealousy took a toll on a relationship by using music that was light-hearted, and upbeat. To compliment the music, many of the movements were angular, abrupt, and uplifting with various levels of high, medium, and low. The male had strong, dominant jumps, and movements toward the audience member and the female dance; yet, he was loving with his movements to show he was just someone who wanted to be loved. Whereas, the female dancer, she was sassy, jealous, and wanted to take away the happiness of the male. In the middle of the dance, the male dance began to sing which was unexpected, but it added more dimension to the choreography. Not only did

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