Reasons To Visit Indonesia Essay

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Indonesia is a biggest archipelago country in the world which has more than 17.000 islands . It is a place for distinct tribe and linguistic groups, a gigantic range of flora and fauna and wonderful natural landscapes. Indonesia also is a country of fourth longest beach line in the world , Indonesia perhaps has so many reasons for you to visit, but presented here are three of many reasons why you have to make a plan in your life to visit Indonesia.
One of the best ways to enjoy our vacation is that feasting on local food. Indonesia is very reach with its local food which can be very interesting for the tourist to try and eat every local food. The Indonesian cousins are influenced by the indigenous cooking techniques and original spices. Those
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Indonesia is not only has beautiful scenery. But also has very friendly natives. Cultural values and characteristics of Indonesian society that upholds the brotherhood, mutual respect, and respect for other people are very strong. For example, many people who making small talk when they meet and chat just to say hello to personal and their families, and then continued by discussing an event, issue or topic that attracts attention and eventually converge in a warm and friendly communication. Also there are many witnesses from foreign tourist that say Indonesian people are very friendly, for example, some tourists from Spain consider the Toraja people are quite friendly and very helpful to them for being there. "Initially, I come to Toraja deliberately want to see the funeral of a very traditional and different from other areas. However mingle with the locals, they are very friendly," said Fernanda visibly cheerful to Okezone Village Nanggala, North Toraja when the ceremonial procession cemetery, recently. And then, Indonesia has a very valuable tradition which is “Gotong royong” . It means doing work together, help each other, help help, to then enjoy the results of that work together anyway. Usually, the activities carried out by people who are members of a union: the village, the village, a school student, a particular organization, and so on. So everythings can be done well and fast. The foreign tourist will feel the togetherness where in most of their countries this valuable value is hard to find. With that hospitability, Based on the survey results The Smiling Report 2009 of AB Better Business based in Sweden, Indonesia is the most smiley country in the

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