Case Study Of Sumatera Forest Fires

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1.1 Case Study
Sumatera has one of the largest rain forests in Indonesia as well as in South East Asia. Sumatera Forest basically has peat soil type that caused easier to burn. Estimated between 7.3 to 9.7 hectares are covered by peat lands or roughly a quarter of the entire area of peat lands in the tropics (Hisyam, Damanik, Anwar, 1984). Sumatera Forest Fires are the one of the serious problem in Indonesia. It happened almost every year. However, some of the biggest were happening in 1982, 1983, 1997, 1998, 2011, 2013 and 2014. Therefore, the latest forest fire in Riau Province of Sumatera in 2014 would be the main issue in here with previous forest fire information if related. Sumatera Forest Fires influenced the diplomatic relation to other
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In addition, inside of the country itself, it influenced the economic, politic and environment of Indonesia. Indonesia has decreased the production of palm oils, as almost most of the forest’s parts are developed for palm oil plantation. In Riau, Sumatera, the schools were taking day off for several days because of the smog and approximately around 58 people were having respiration suffered (, 2014). It also impacted on arresting the illegal loggers and provides alternative land clearing. Most of them are the corporations who operated in logging, woods production and palm oils. Besides that, the low farmers also caused by the fires with the similar purpose with the corporations where both wanted to open the new land easily. Moreover, the forest fires case disassembled the negative side of government’s behavior in order to gain personal interests. (Sizer, Leach, Minnemeyer, Higgins, Stole, Anderson, Lawalata, 2014). It has the more serious concerns in the environmental side. It caused the lost of harvest opportunity, disturbance in aviation, environmental damage and lost of ecosystems. The other effect has started to be arisen, the risen of the earth’s surface temperature, which caused dry and hot weather, which in the end will lead into the climate change …show more content…
It includes an area of 2,398 hectares of forest biosphere reserves and 21.914 farms and plantations in Riau has damaged, as well as the palm oil farms (Lis,2014). According to Probo, a potential future loss of oil palm farmers NES (NES) lists of 372 billion Rupiahs to 5,037,771 Rupiahs / ha per year. The loss of 372 billion Rupiahs was based on studies which specifically due to smog and drought on oil palm plantations in an area of 2,372,401 hectares. Drought in palm oil production losses may result in up to 15 percent (Probo,2014). According to Adi, the Vice chairman of General Economic Affairs and International Cooperation, Riau, states that, palm oil sector production fell by 50% due to labour hard to harvest the fruit. He also states the opinion that, the palm oil production has covered almost half of the economy in Riau (Adi,2014). 2.2.2 Solution has found
According to Frislidia, through many fires had happened in recent years, there must be some certain persons who are tempted by the potential of oil palm plantations and open land with the easiest and lowest costs. The Agriculture Department of Riau promised to try again to enforce the law and this year will be more aggressive and comprehensives (Frislidia,2014).
2.3 Political

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