The Impact Of Climate Change In Indonesia

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In September 2016, NASA reported that the earth’s carbon dioxide level had passed the maximum level of 400 PPM when it was supposed to be at the lowest point of that year (Kahn 2016). This data from NASA (2016) shows that ever since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have been responsible for creating more greenhouse gases and the earth’s climate has rapidly changed. Climate change is one of five factors that Diamond mentioned in his collapse model and which became the basis of this research. There are five factors that might cause a society to collapse which are, climate change, environmental damage, trade relations with other countries, hostility from neighboring countries and cultural values. Most of the factors that were mentioned can already be seen in Indonesia, especially with the environmental damage that is caused by Indonesia’s cultural values. …show more content…
According to PEW (Wike, 2016), Indonesia is categorized as having concern towards environmental issues. There are actually many solutions offered by both independent and government institutions, however, most of them are never actualised as the government does not support them with enough funding. This happens because the Indonesian’s government is very corrupt since Indonesia is ranked 88th of the most corrupt countries in the world (Trading Economics 2016). Given the above issues and based upon an analogy by Diamond of a two-horse race between the likelihood of collapse and a positive solution, this essay will argue that Indonesia is at the risk of collapse. This argument is built on there being no change in both government and citizen’s behaviour and related to factors such as, deforestation, overpopulation and rise of sea

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