Elizabeth Morbert The Sixth Extinction Analysis

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In the novel “The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert, humans are destroying the world by burning fossil fuels, polluting oceans, rivers, lakes, and the air but, is it really the individuals human 's fault or is it corporations caring too much of profit that they will do anything to make an extra pennie? How many times have you heard about oil spills? Personally I have lost count of the ever increasing number of oil spills. Deforestation is also caused caused by corporate greed acording to “thedodo.com”(3). Corporations will pollute as that is the cheapest option that will produce more profit and the individual human sometimes will be forced to pollute by corporations.
The main groups that contribute to deforestation are “individual greed for land and corporation greed for lumber”(3). The impact that it has on forest are drastic such as loss of diversity because birds live in trees. The less trees that there are the less chance of survival a bird species has against the transformation of the forest to agriculture or other ways humans can exploit. The more individuals and corporations cut down trees, the more
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We are seeing species of all kinds coming close to extinction but, some have gone too far where turning back is no longer an option. Extinction are supposed to happen at a very slow rate “that, at any given time, in any given place, it would not be surprising were it to go unnoticed.”(1 Pg48). In older times “extinction was driven by natural selection”(1 Pg.55), right now that still applies but, not when species are going extinct faster than the “background extinction”(1 Pg.15) rate. The rate is “one species to disappear every seven hundred years”(1 Pg.15) but, in reality the rate of 700 years no longer applies any more since the greater the human population the greater number of species go extinct in a human

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