Managing Biosphere Summary

In the article, Managing Biosphere, written by Stephen R. Carpenter states that managing ecology has evolved successfully during the years. For example, if one little species that had no purpose on earth were to be endangered, they would find a way to solve and save the species from extinction. Carpenter explains that humans attempt of trying to conserve wildlife has expanded into more of a world wide type of problem. Some of the Fresh water has also been tampered by humans. The author claims that chemicals in freshwater can lead to toxicity, odor, deoxygenation, and the elimination of many species of fish. In the article, Conservation Biology, written by David S. Wilcove claims that humans are the reason for which many species are endangered as well as extinct. Human beings are compared as the asteroids that led to the extinction of dinosaurs. Humans are a danger to wildlife as well as not keeping up with conservation. Although, ecologists are making changes such as climate change and regulating the hunt for wildlife, extinction of species is irreversible. The loss of large predators and small pollinators cause other plants and animals to perish. Wilcove also states that there is …show more content…
Also, the minerals and management services are trying to create a plan that helps the production of livestock as wells as not destroying the environment. The author claims that minerals extraction, timber production,water resources will focus on the preservation of wildlife. But conservationists are prohibiting this act because of this reason there has been oil spills that has created a danger to many species. So the bush administration is regulating better control of human oil production as well as wildfire

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