Minkabau Wedding Analysis

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Baralek Gadang - Traditional Wedding Procession of Minangkabau

Indonesia is acknowledged for its cultural and ethnic diversity. This diversity became one of Indonesia's attractiveness in the eyes of the world. One part of Indonesian culture is the traditional wedding party. All elements of the wedding procession started from the customary fashion, wedding decorations, to the procedures for meaningful tradition, offers its own uniqueness.

As one of the tribes with the largest population in Indonesia, Minangkabau's wedding traditions is a traditional wedding party that is usually found in Indonesia. Minangkabau itself consists of several areas called "nagari" (village). Each "nagari" has its own characteristics wedding dress. In addition, the use of jewelry such as bridal headdress worn by the bride also differ. However, basically any Minangkabau traditional wedding feast characterized by stately, luxurious and festive with shades of gold and silver on the altar. As well as for a wedding dress, it's generally in the form of three-dimensional.

Basically, the wedding procession consists of several stages. Here, I will outline key explanations of each step.
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Grooms will be picked up and taken to the house of the bride to hold the ceremony. The procession is also accompanied by granting title to the groom as a sign of his maturity. Typically, the family of the bride must bring a complete betel in "Carano", the groom's clothes, yellow rice with chicken singgang (traditional food), side dishes, pastries and fruits. These goods as a sign of good faith from the family of the bride. Envoys from the bride's family would pick up the groom carrying the goods. After the procession "sambah-mayambah" and explication the purpose of their arrival, the goods will be handed over to the groom's family. Grooms with his entourage would be marched to the residence of the

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