Politics And Corruption In Today's Society

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Politics and Corruption Politicians of today’s world hold responsibility for more than just themselves, and corrupt need to be punished for the unlawful actions performed. Political corruption is not a new problem in today’s society, but the problem does need to be handled (Moreland 1). The actions of politicians do not just affect themselves, but instead affect their family and the general public. The legal definition of political corruption is the abuse of governmental powers, and with a magnitude of power comes an even greater magnitude of responsibility. According to Sheriff Seal, not even one percent of all politicians are corrupt (26 Interview February 2016). Several motivations are shared between corrupt politicians. From data drawn from politicians, the main motivation of all corrupt politicians is money and greed. The world’s political structure needs to be completely revamped without the use of enormous sums of money (Silver 6). When term limits are expired, the new elections are controlled by money. And until the money is taken out of the circle, issues can not be solved. (Silver 1) For at least four decades, the influence of money has affected every political office available …show more content…
A political institution is more susceptible to corrupt acts if the institution is not responsive, efficient, transparent, or accountable (Unit Two: Causes of Corruption 2). A lack of transparency gives any politicians a chance to acquire personal gain, and personal gain is corruption (Unit Two: Causes of Corruption 4). Another motivation for corrupt politicians is to have an unfair advantage over their peers or rivals (Unit Two: Causes of Corruption 5). Also, reports have been made of politicians performing corrupt actions simply because he or she could get away with the corrupt actions (Unit Two: Causes of Corruption). Lastly, when a single person or a group

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