Behind The Beautiful Forevers By Katherine Boo Essay

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In “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” Katherine Boo argues that societies are becoming corrupt because of capitalism’s prevalence in modern societies. Capitalism is creating an economy where products and profits are owned by companies and individuals instead of the government. ("Capitalism" Merriam Webster) Having profits owned by individuals drive owners to create inequitable systems that take advantage of lower class citizens. The systems drive the lower class to compete against one another to create a small profit, that will soon be taken away by the individuals or companies that “own” the profit created by the system. This corrupt system affects the mentalities of citizens as well; they slowly become cold and lose respect for valuable things in life such as personal morals and love for mankind. The Main characters in the book are residents of a slum in Mumbai, India near a newly developed airport. Throughout the story the airport is used to symbolize the lifestyle and ideals of the upper class and it was respected highly by the Anawadians, the residents of the slum. Inside the slum the reader witnesses multiple events where the Anawadians are driven to disregard their personal values to create profit. In the slum the children and adults work endlessly to produce wealth; they would collect or steal trash and create trading systems between one another. Above the class of traders a separate group would find ways to extort money from the class below them which would leave the…

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