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  • Personal Narrative: My Desire To Practice Law

    1. In no more than 250 words, please state below why you are applying for this opportunity with the GLS My desire to practice law dates back to a full-time job in a citizens’ advice unit. By assisting citizens in applying for planning permissions, selling property and registering land, I realised the significance of straightforward legal guidance on every transaction. During my internship in the Legislation Drafting Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, I observed the process of European legislation transposition. Whilst appreciating the benefits of the original regulation for the sector, I witnessed how ambiguous implementation puzzled young farmers and potentially jeopardised their prospects of entering the business. In a result, I became determined to pursue a career where I can gauge through the interaction of laws and ensure correct and clear transposition of international legislation. Furthermore, as I have examined the pitfalls in the law and discussed possible improvements in my university essays, I am eager to influence legislation, not simply implement it in private practice. Finally, having…

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  • Democracy And Legitimacy In Democracy

    accountability, decision making that does not involve everyone and the usual issue of blocking citizens from participation in the policy making. In relation to the European Union , David Marquand (1979) argue that the European Parliament had the issue of democratic deficit as the citizens of Europe did not directly elect it, further more in relation to the European Union this deficit is seen as the lack of presentation to the ordinary citizen and lack of accountability of European Union…

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  • The Doctrine Of Parliamentary Sovereignty

    to consider some brief background on parliament including the origins of the theory of parliamentary sovereignty. The UK Parliament which is made up of the House of Lords, House of Commons emerged in the 13th century and is regarded as the second of the two sovereign authorities under english law (Tomkins, 2003). The original parliament was created out of the necessity of the Crown obtaining consent for governing matters such as revenue. The parliament has three general functions, the first of…

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  • Electoral Parties

    There are many similarities and differences between the two prominent far-right parties in France and the United Kingdom. Immigration reform, Euroscepticism, long-term leadership, and dramatic recent European Parliamentary election success are the most significant ties between the two, and foreign relations, success in local elections, election structure, and historical background being the most significant differences. Who their supporters are and what the parties are pushing link the two as…

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  • Christian Democracy: The Similarities Between Luxembourg And Sweden

    It is a well-established fact that Christian democracy derives its roots from the Catholic Church. As is stated in the book European Christian Democracy “A second theme that emerges in a number of essays is the relationship between Christian democracy and the Catholic Church.” The link between the two is an obvious one, and can be found through other sources as well. The Christian democracy page on the Encyclopedia Britannica states “Christian democracy, political movement that has a close…

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  • Socialist Government In France

    France being a republic type government, it gave the French congress power to make changes in the constitution for the two chambers of parliament. Furthermore, France is divided into branches of government which is; the executive, legislative, and judiciary branch. The Executive branch is runned by the president being the head of state and head of the executive. The president has a total of two terms, and is the commander of the military, but determines all policies with Council Ministers, the…

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  • Difference Between Presidential And Parliamentary Government

    Introduction Despite their similarities in culture, Canada and the United States are run by vastly different political systems. Though both nations are federal states, Canada has a parliamentary system of government while the United States has a republic system (Wiseman 14-09-22). The American president and Canadian prime minister are both very influential figures, but this influence on their nations and governments manifests itself in different ways. There is great debate over which…

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  • Systems Of Government

    Question Three- Tate Sensenbach Congress periodically attributes some of its characteristics to British Parliament. For example, both systems use different houses to voice disparate opinions. However, the two systems of government more often contrast with each other. Parliament, unlike Congress, represents houses through a specific order in society. Members of the House of Lords inherited their seats through ancestors attaining peerage, which is a title of nobility. This specific order lasted…

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  • Difference Between Parliamentary Democracy And Presidential Democracy

    In Iceland, the government has a presidential role, but the parliament also elects a prime minister. In the Executive Branch, the president serves as a figurehead for the people and a diplomat to other leaders. However, the parliament elects a prime minister who has the main executive power and acts as the chief executive alongside his cabinet. Similar to the UK and other parliamentary systems, rules dealing with majorities, elections, and the term of a prime minister still apply. In…

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  • South China Sea Case Study

    Why South China Sea is victim of disputes? The South China Sea is intentionally sited. It is sited in a way that it overlaps the main lanes of the sea between Asia, Middle East and the Europe. It becomes the main international way for sea trade and transportation, where most of the world’s largest traffic passes. As a global concern, the geopolitical and economic importance of the South China Sea lessens the secure navigation of tanks in water. The region plays a strategic maritime and military…

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