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  • Mazatlan Informative Speech

    and I were only planning to stay there long enough to refuel the plane and eat lunch. In the mid-1800’s, a large group of German immigrants transformed Mazatlan from a small fishing village into a thriving seaport. Their legacy lives on in the form of local melodies based on Bavarian folk music, called Banda. Another vestige of the past remains: The Pacifico Brewery established in 1900. Unfortunately, Miguel and I weren’t there long enough to sample the music or the beer. However, it turned out we were in Mazatlan long enough to establish Millennium Airlines before moving on to Puerto Vallarta. We were flying a Cessna 172, a four seat, single engine plane with a high, fixed wing. Back in 1955, Cessna Aircraft Company started making 172’s and more of them have been built than any other aircraft. Based on how long it has been around and its popularity, the Cessna 172 ranks as the most successful aircraft in history. Miguel’s 172 was a year 2000 model which meant it was a special edition called the Millennium 172. As such, it included upgrades and modifications; several of them, such as extra fresh air vents and redesigned seats, later became standard equipment. It also had a commemorative bronze medallion on the outside which included a stylized version of the word Millennium. When the fueler in Mazatlan observed the medallion on the plane, he asked if we were pilots for Millennium Airlines. As we were flying a rather diminutive plane, we found that rather funny. It…

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  • Difference Between Cirrus And Cesna

    Cirrus vs Cessna Flying a Cessna is great experience. Flying a Cirrus is a spectacular experience. Although both of these are aircrafts that do the same thing, they are very different. Technology has come a long way in aviation and especially in the new 2017 cirrus. Comparing to the 1970’s Cessna’s which is the common aircrafts flown right now, there has been a huge noticeable difference in design and innovation. One of many differences in the Cirrus compared to the Cessna, is the avionics.…

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  • Scorpion Case Study

    Between 100 and 200 employees worked on the aircraft’s development, but those people largely came from Cessna. However, workers at a production facility would be needed to fill orders of the Scorpion jet, he said. So, One may say that whilst on challenge, scorpion brings the capability to peer and make the most perishable intelligence and strike fleeting objectives, bringing tactical benefit to even the most worrying conditions. Scorpion will definitely meet even the most stringent US military…

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  • Airplane Trip

    A tall man waves vigorously at the Cessna plane taking off at the Turner County airport. It’s not a wave good-bye. Well, then again it sort of is a way good-bye. You can’t see the big man’s eyes because he’s got sunglasses on as he watches the plane soar off. But, you know what those shades are hiding. The tall man in sunglasses is watching a lifelong dream happen as the plane disappears from sight. The airplane trip, piloted by Jay Leatherwood, is a ride sponsored by the Ashburn Pilot’s…

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  • The Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

    used by the RAF for TACPs the U.S. Army added the L-5 Sentinel (Gordon, 2008). Starting, during the U. S. involvement in the Korean War equipment utilized ranged from aircraft to jeeps with a radio suite capable of communication with aircraft. The most used aircrafts were the L-5 Sentinel and the T-6 Mosquito (Allen, 2008). As for the Jeep used by the TACPs, it was a VRC-1 with ground to air radios (Allen, 2008). However, during the Vietnam conflict the equipment available to the TACPs and…

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  • Airbus A380: The Importance Of Medical Certificates

    If a person wants to fly, whether it is a little Cessna 150, or a massive Airbus A380, you will have to obtain a medical certificate. In order for a person to be eligible for flight, they must meet several very strict health standards. Both mentally and physically, a person must be sharp, ready, and alert at all times. A person’s vision must be near perfect, with or without any form of correction. Heart health is also a big concern, as is mental health. There are three medical certificate…

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  • Strategic Bombing: The Vietnam War

    During the Truman and Eisenhower administrations birthed SAC which, driven by Lemay, improved the tool’s performance and thereby its effectiveness. By redefining the tool’s workspace, the Kennedy and Johnson administrations rendered it largely ineffective. A recalcitrant toolmaker exacerbated the severity of the tool’s ineffectiveness. At its most effective, air power functioned much like the Cessna landing in Red Square. It was the correct tool to achieve the desired strategic effect. As…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Believe I Can Touch The Sky

    was lumbering around my grandparent’s house at 5:00 A.M. I had barely caught a wink of sleep that night. After two hours of aimless ambling I heard a voice, “ Luke! We’re headin’ to the hangar!” said my Grandpa in a partial Texas accent. I was ready and I ran to the car. I was finally in the brown and gold car and this was the very moment I had been anticipating for what seemed like a millennia, or three days. In only 29 minutes 33, 32, 31, 30 seconds, we would be at the small Dallas airport…

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  • How To Write A Case Study: Blujay Aviation

    business venture in which our client wants to participate in. A quick snapshot of what we observed from HNK’s Income Statement, details that the sales have been accruing for the gift shop within the past three years. However the income statement shows that their expenses are too high for gift store to be lucrative. The gross profit margin for the last three years was, “2010: 0.45, 2009: 0.42, & 2008: 0.44. December 31, 2010 column, states that there will be a $10,000 interest payment and $89,000…

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  • Cssna Aircraft Case Study

    The case study considered in this research is from one of the leading aircraft industries in Bangalore, India. The company manufactures light and micro light aircrafts. More than 60 of the aircrafts are given to NCC for abinitio training and 15 others for various civil agencies. TABLE I GENERAL SYMBOLS TO UNDERSTAND VALUE Supplier or customer Shared Process box Inverntory WIP Stagnation Dedicated Maintenance Box Electronic Information Flow First In First Out Lane Physical Flow …

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