Mazatlan Informative Speech

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Fact: The most expensive fuel purchased during the trip cost $71.52 per gallon.
That includes the price of chartering a Piper Cheyenne III aircraft to act as a fuel truck,

Startled by the sunlight flooding my room, I woke up still in Los Mochis, but anxious to embark on our adventures of the day. The next stop was Mazatlan, situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, across from the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Miguel and I were only planning to stay there long enough to refuel the plane and eat lunch. In the mid-1800’s, a large group of German immigrants transformed Mazatlan from a small fishing village into a thriving seaport. Their legacy lives on in the form of local melodies based on Bavarian folk music, called Banda. Another vestige of the past remains: The Pacifico Brewery established in 1900. Unfortunately, Miguel and I weren’t there long enough to sample the music or
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As we were flying a rather diminutive plane, we found that rather funny. It made zero sense to us for an airline to fly a plane with only two passenger seats. Nevertheless, with airplanes the size of ours being rare south of the Mexican border, perhaps nearly everyone we encountered just assumed airlines owned all such airplanes. The fueler’s questions and comments reinforced our perception of how relatively few private planes there were in Central and South America. On many occasions during the trip, people we encountered gave us strange glances and asked questions regarding our status. Piloting for Millennium Airlines became an inside joke and, even today, remains a private source of amusement between the two of us. That day, in Mazatlan, we became pilots for the non-existent Millennium Airlines. In fact, long after we returned from our adventure, I had polo shirts made for myself and Miguel which had Millennium Airlines embroidered on

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