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  • Wichita State University Football Team Analysis

    16 years after the plane crash that then University President Warren Armstrong cut the program due to financial reasons. To this day many people argue and debate whether Wichita State should reinstate the football program and it is my belief that they should. Since the ending of the program there have been multiple instances of outside and inside sources contemplating bringing the program back. For example, in 1998 an advisory committee at Wichita State recommended reinstating the football program at Wichita State after a 15-month study for $70,000. Just recently, in June of 2016 the University released a 69-page study that titled Football Benchmarking Analysis. In the study, multiple costs and findings were discovered. For example, Cessna Stadium would require $21-$28 million in renovations and another estimated $21 million for new facilities. Also, if the program would jump to FBS football the roster size would put the participation ratio at 59% male and 41% female which would result in the school having to add more women’s sports or cutting some men’s sports to be Title IX compliant. These are just two of many problems and concerns that have this question brewing. Not to mention the millions of dollars that would be spent on recruiting, coaches, food, travel, gear, etc. The reasons I believe the University should reinstate the program are simple, but will require time. In the long run, I believe the revenue capability is substantial. Many of the costs at hand our all…

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  • Impact Of Parents In Youth Sports

    What is the Impact of Parents in Youth Sports? I. Introductory Every year in the United States alone, 48 million youth participate in an organized youth sport (Hirschhorn.2013.26). Parents have a crucial role in the proper development throughout their children 's life. Sport is arguably one of the most important tools used in crafting desired traits from a young age. Therefore, it is important to understand how parents impact their children 's experiences while they participate in youth sports.…

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  • Kids Should Participate In Competitive Sports

    Too Hard, Too Young Every year it is estimated that 45 million kids play organized sports (Atkins). Sports give kids an outlet for physical activity, and teach them valuable lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and listening. However, if you start a child in competitive sports too young then they can burnout, and may cause unnecessary pressure on the kid. This might make the sport not fun for the child anymore, or take over their life and make it kind of an obsession. There are also many…

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  • Influence Of Sports On Society

    In today’s society people make sports an important part of their life. So much so that we even consider the superbowl and other large events as holidays. Today, contests pushing physical limits are more popular than ever before. Athletes have a tremendous economic, political and cultural influence on us and our society. Watching and playing sports are some ways children, students and adults cope with the stress of their daily lives and come together as a community. Sporting events can…

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  • Listening To A Concert Analysis

    on the album. Rihanna’s Anti tour was all of that and more, she brought along a special guest in Travis Scott who is really one of the higher names in hip-hop right now and had a band and dancers who were out of this world. I really didn’t know what to expect going into the arena but once the concert started you knew it was going to be a great show, especially if you knew the music. There were visual aspects to each song that were different in some of the most interesting ways. There was never a…

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  • Organized Sports Impact People's Lives In A Positive Way

    It's a known fact that organized sports impact people's lives in a positive way. For example high schools are required to have players with good grades to play, many would answer that they meet these requirements because most sports are a big deal. Athletes will do anything to play the sport they love and learn skills throughout the experience. As organized sports continue to escalate people would benefit from knowing the positive effect it can have on a person. Sports keep people organized,…

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  • Deep Play In Sports

    Review (2006). Introduction: The purpose of Kimberly Schimmel’s article is to dissect and examine how urban life intersects with the reputation and marketing of a city’s team and stadium. Schimmel’s article takes a hard look into how a city’s team and stadium garners the reputation that they hold. The first thing that Schimmel takes a look at within the article is the term, deep play. According to the article, the definition according to another scholar by the name of Clifford Geertz is that…

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  • Park Slope

    In the last generation, municipalities have spent over ten billion dollars to build or refurbish stadiums in twenty-seven cities that host National Football League franchises. This, in large part, has contributed to the robust bottom line of America’s most prominent and successful profession sports organization. The NFL is projected to surpass $13 billion in revenues this year, over halfway to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s stated benchmark of $25 billion by the year 2027. Even with the NFL’s…

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  • Banning In Youth Football

    A parent, who drives their 9 year old to practice, understands the reality of an injury. So if you have a child that plays sports they can potentially become injured even though it’s said that football seems to have the highest risk besides women soccer (Consumer.healthday.com). Organized sports have so many benefits that it tends to overshadow the risk of getting hurt. Considering that injury is a possibility in any sport. However the risk of potential injuries and the growth in…

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  • Self-Serve Hostage In Professional Sports

    include such aspects of the fan experience as the nostalgic feel of the stadium, for the enjoyment of the competition, or even take their children to their first ball game. One of the lower concerns of the fans that come to these games are the face-to-face interaction that they have with individuals who are serving them their food. In order to be able to watch the entire game, these individuals want to place their orders and receive their food as quickly as possible. For professional sports…

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