Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities

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  • Wichita State University Football Team Analysis

    In a topic that is widely discussed on campus and seems like a no brainer to many has had a bunch of people working, wondering, and wishing. From 1897 to 1986 Wichita State University played competitive football at many different levels including the KCAC, CIAC, and our current conference of the Missouri Valley. Boasting a 375-402-47 record and 14 conference titles the Shockers were at best a sub-par team. Over history the Shocker football team endured some tough times and none were more wrenching than the plane crash in 1970. On October 2, half of the team was flying to a game in Logan, Utah against Utah State University from Denver, Colorado. While one plane took the more conventional route and ultimately landed in Utah, the other plane decided…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of UF Colleges

    The first college I did research on was the university of Florida which is also my number one choice for the college I want to go to. University of Florida or UF home of the gators located in Gainesville Florida was recently ranked number 14 of all the university’s in the country, it is very big in athletics, science and in the medical field. UF also has many opportunities such as jobs, honor programs in fact more than 3,400 UF students participate in these honor programs they also have many…

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  • Left Sided Angel

    Angel, a cast bronze sculpture made by Stephen De Staebler brought to Iowa State University in 1986 commissioned by phi kappa phi honors society. This piece has had a rich love hate relationship with many throughout its years on campus. Many considered it obnoxious and gaudy or just straight up hideous. Others viewed it as beautiful, majestic or relatable a complete contrast to the others opinions. It left some groups wanting it to be removed or sold to someone else and others wanted to see it…

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  • Land Grant College Act

    and African Americans. The turning point in this educational reform came when the Land Grant College Act was passed in 1862 allowing many of the new age colleges to be built. This act granted each congressional…

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  • Home Of Human Science Essay

    The Home of Human Sciences Annie Danielson a wise philosopher once said, “Home is where our story begins” and so our story will begin. Home is anywhere a person can be themselves and can feel comfortable there without feeling pressured. When Human Science majors think of their home at Iowa State they think of one building in particular, Palmer, the Human Development and Family Studies Building. Palmer is the utmost significant place on campus for Human Science majors because of the history of…

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  • Case Study: The University Of Florida

    The University of Florida, a public, sea-grant, space-grant, and land-grant research university {founded|set up|proven} in 1853, enrolls more than 49, 900 students. Consistently ranked among the top universities in the United States, the {University or college|College or university|School} of Florida offers more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. A member of the {Condition|Express|Point out} University System of {Fl|California|Sarasota}, the university has {sixteen|of…

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  • Case Study: Kennesaw State University

    Post University (Waterbury, CT) Established in 1890, Post University used to be a school to train students in bookkeeping, shorthand and typing. It started offering four-year degrees in 1976 in order to assist returning Vietnam veterans, offering programs with companies including Cigna and Johnson and Johnson shortly after. The university offers over 100 degree programs in total and has over 7,000 students in attendance. Each of Post University’s 4 academic colleges, The Malcolm Balridge…

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  • Corporate Funding: The Future Morality Of Science

    funding is increased, science becomes less moral. According to Understanding Science by Berkeley University, almost 75% of U.S clinical trials in medicine are paid for by private companies, (Casazza, Gilet, Stuart). Corporate funding is on the raise. As corporate funding increases, the worry that biases coming from corporations will grow. Furthermore, the worry is that these biases will interfere with the future morality of science. Corporate funding is on the increase. According to Joaquin…

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  • Contributions Of Booker T Washington

    Without his efforts, public education would not have made such a big improvement. William Torrey Harris was originally the chief administrator of the St. Louis Public Schools between 1868 and 1880. Later in his career, he served as the United States Commissioner of Education from 1889 to 1906. Harris believed in free common public schools. This would mean that he wanted as many kids to go to school as possible. One of the ways he improved the schools themselves was by making the library a common…

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  • 20th Century Education

    When the 20th century started, life started to change and improve, and public education was one of the many things that started to improve and become popular. Education was almost null and void before the start of the century. Since jobs did not require any amount of education, there were no real need for schools. The turning point for education came around 1877-1917. During this time, education was part of America’s focus point to try and improve attendance, graduation rates, and curriculums of…

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