Home Of Human Science Essay

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The Home of Human Sciences
Annie Danielson a wise philosopher once said, “Home is where our story begins” and so our story will begin. Home is anywhere a person can be themselves and can feel comfortable there without feeling pressured. When Human Science majors think of their home at Iowa State they think of one building in particular, Palmer, the Human Development and Family Studies Building. Palmer is the utmost significant place on campus for Human Science majors because of the history of the building, how the building looks and makes one feel when they are in it, and the importance the building has to the Iowa State University campus.
Palmer is one of the newer buildings on campus it was constructed in 2000 and is 34,353 total square feet. The Palmer Human Development
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The outside of the building color is a mixture of gray and beige it is made up of bricks and concrete, it has a boxy shape and is three stories high, and there is a large number of windows-more than most other building fulfilling that more modern look. For example, when a person walk into the building straight ahead, they will gaze upon a giant wall of just windows which brings in a lot of natural light and looks exquisite. The floor on the inside of Palmer looks like your classic “nice” office building it looks like a bunch of pebbles, but is smooth and has a sparkle to it, the walls of Palmer are tan and gray and is a mixture of sheet rock and smooth concrete. Palmer is connected to the Child Development Laboratory School so you are always hear the sound of little kids playing and learning. Everyone in that building is friendly and helpful and can make a person feel right at home. When people walk into the building they feel excited and very joyful because they start to think about their future and how remarkable the next four years will be, and for that they call Palmer their

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