Wichita State University Football Team Analysis

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In a topic that is widely discussed on campus and seems like a no brainer to many has had a bunch of people working, wondering, and wishing. From 1897 to 1986 Wichita State University played competitive football at many different levels including the KCAC, CIAC, and our current conference of the Missouri Valley. Boasting a 375-402-47 record and 14 conference titles the Shockers were at best a sub-par team. Over history the Shocker football team endured some tough times and none were more wrenching than the plane crash in 1970. On October 2, half of the team was flying to a game in Logan, Utah against Utah State University from Denver, Colorado. While one plane took the more conventional route and ultimately landed in Utah, the other plane decided …show more content…
While I would not want these fees to be outlandish, I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra money to see my university grow and develop. I believe that bringing back the football program would increase the number of students at the University, improve our athletic teams as I also see a move to a different conference in the future, and ultimately generate more money for the university. While yes, the startup costs and work to get the program launched are monumental, they are not something that is impossible to achieve. Creating a football program would also help our athletic administration by generating more avenues in which we can develop and grow. Whether it be generating money, building the Wichita State brand, or even getting us into a major conference, the results and opportunities of starting the program are astronomical. Being in the financial “hole” for a few years is something I believe the university can manage and overcome if properly planned for and thought about. While the market we are in is not the best in the world, it sure beats any other Kansas school that currently runs a football team and those programs are getting the job done. Being the largest city in Kansas, I believe the move to add a football program makes complete sense. In the long run, the start-up costs, time, and struggles will be all worth it. The

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