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  • Superiority Of China

    will sustain its economic superiority over China. The Chinese per capita is significantly lower compared to the U.S. and the quality of the U.S. GDP surpasses the Chinese GDP. As the Chinese per capita is still too low, the country is facing a demographic consequence that will lead to an increase in the elderly. As a result, it will lead to economic decline. The U.S. and other countries will continue to import Chinese goods for now, but the currency will eventually appreciate and make the Chinese currency less desirable. This will destroy one of China’s main drivers for economic growth. Lastly, it is time for the U.S. to realize that China does want to be a world power. As a result, the U.S. needs to widen the technology gap and show the world why no country will ever surpass the U.S.…

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  • Summary: Premature Dindustrialization Of The Brazilian Economy

    the necessary steps. Curiously enough, an article has just been published in the international press by the reputable, award-winning Harvard University professor Dani Rodrik entitled “Premature Deindustrialization”, based on deindustrialization data from 42 countries covering the period from the 1940s to the early 2010s. The author advocates that the deindustrialization seen in Brazil and other emerging nations is not of the same nature as the one that was already experienced by advanced…

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  • The Rise Of The Asian Tigers

    international investors are bullish on India and the Modi administration has been making changes its priority. If it keeps up with this development consistently, within the next decade, India’s GDP could surpass that of China and finally experience double-digit growth. WHY India is expected to have exceptional growth in the next decade. This potential lies within many factors, including the opportunity to catch up with developed Asian nations, the rise in Indians’ purchasing power and strong…

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  • Park Slope

    businesses and jobs and increasing income, and that tax revenue will more than offset the initial outlay of government funds (Joyner, 2012). Media outlets are willing and eager to help the P.R. consultants make this case to the public, often abandoning their role as watchdog and taking the optimistic estimates at face value (Humphreys, 2001). This abandonment of their traditional role leaves those that advocate for prudent government without a viable outlet to foment opposition. It should go…

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  • Essay On Observation Of Global Health

    evidence, this report statically includes the annual progress made towards the health related to Millennium Development Goals [MDGs]. Moreover, Global Health Organization also provides reasonable reports on an intercrossing topics concerning women, health, and the burden of diseases that dominate not only the United States, but also the whole wide world. In this particular research, World Health Organization is the main indicator that provides information and evidence about this particular…

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  • The Malthusian Model

    under warfare in any of these three centuries. Along with the wars, there were plague and diseases outbreak Europe. All these indicate a high mortality in the early middle ages, and Europe’s income per capita had risen sharply during that time. The article explains the fast development of Europe via Malthusian model, and compares it to the rest of world like China. The First Divergence was the start of building the leading position of economy for Europe, since the European urbanization rate…

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  • Crime In Paraguay

    democracy gives the people a voice and it will benefit workers on what they want for themselves and the country. In 2014 Paraguay’s gross domestic product per capita was indicated at 1979.47 United States dollars. Its gross domestic product per capita is similar to 16 percent of the world’s average. From 1960 to 2014 Paraguay’s gross domestic product per capita averaged 1242.94 United States dollars. The lowest was in 1960 with 569.51 United States dollars and the highest being 1979.47 United…

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  • Effects Of Corruption And Income Inequality

    results in political instability, social capital and legitimacy, increases income inequality and has a tremendous adverse effect on the well-being of the poor (Kéita, 2010). This critical review examines three articles on the issue of corruption and income inequality. Where the Charron, Heston and Kumar articles focus on corruption…

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  • Salaam Wanita Case Study

    can become empowered individuals who are able to leverage on their skills and from there, remain employed. This is done through the skills and knowledge they receive regarding basket weaving, as well as in terms of keeping up with advances in ICT and in leveraging ICT. On top of that, these women are paid above the minimum wage, which can provide them with more income to elevate themselves out of poverty. Next, the social impact can be measured through the use of the Social Return on Investment…

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  • Unfair Pay Research Paper

    often a big subject because some people argue that it is simply a myth. How can something be a myth when the statistics are available for any interested individual to see? There are several groups of wage gaps, but the gaudiest subject is wage differences between genders. If the problem is premeditated, it can be noted that men are paid more in careers with women working alongside them. A study on the mentioned subject identifies the unfairness of the gross income between genders. “In 2010 women…

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