Cervical vertebrae

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  • Muscle: Location, Action, Shape, And Function

    position the pectoral girdle include: trapezius (it is superficial covering the back and neck up to the base of the skull inserting on the clavicles and scapular spines), rhomboid/levator scapulae (it is deep to the trapezius attaching to cervical/thoracic vertebrae inserting on the scapular border), serratus anterior (located on the chest originating along the ribs inserting on anterior scapular margin), subclavius (originates on the ribs and inserts on the clavicle), and pectoralis minor…

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  • Dolphins Morphology

    Introduction A vertebrate is characterized by the vertebral column as it is part of their axial skeleton. Its main function is to act as a communication pathway between the brain and the body of the vertebrate. Usually, vertebrates have a fixed number of vertebral column, but there are variations in the number of vertebral columns within the cetacean species. Dolphins are vertebrates and are one of the fastest swimming species due to their morphological stability. The morphology can determine…

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  • Dangerous Airbags Research Paper

    Dangerous Airbags “Upon rapid deceleration of the vehicle, an airbag can be propelled against the passenger at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour.”(www.newlinlaw.com) When you get into an accident and the airbags go off, they mostly save lives, but sometimes they can cause injuries to the passengers in the car. Manufacturers can make the airbags dangerous for the occupants in the car. Accidents can cause rapid airbag inflation. Because of the rapid inflation of the airbag, it can cause many…

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  • Skeleton Model Research Paper

    of the capsule secretes synovial fluid and hyaline cartilage acting as pads on the ends of the articulating bones. There are 6 types of synovial joints this includes: hinge (i.e. the elbow and knee), pivot (i.e. between the first and second cervical vertebrae), ball and socket (i.e. shoulder and hip), saddle (i.e. between the first metacarpal and trapezium bone), Condyloid (i.e. the wrist connecting the radius and carpal bones), and gliding (i.e. between the carpals of the wrist). Their function…

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  • Neural Communication: The Nervous System

    Student no:16472374 The nervous system and neuron communication The nervous system is a highly complex and broad area of biopsychology. People depend on the nervous system for their survival and safety.This essay will explore the components from which the nervous system is composed and their main functions. This essay will also decipher the mechanisms through which neurons communicate. According to Carlson (2014) the Nervous system is branched into two categories - the central nervous system…

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  • Spanish Colonization On Indigenous American Populations Summary

    A study by Larsen and colleagues (2001) examines the biological impacts of Spanish colonization on indigenous American populations in the Southeast. Researchers addressed how colonization and missionization affected the lives of local populations by analyzing tooth microwear, both skeletal and dental physiological stressors, skeletal morphology, and stable isotope analysis (Larsen et al., 2001:70-73). This study used documents kept at the Spanish missions and examined skeletal remains of the…

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  • Baseball Swing Movement Analysis

    The movement that was chosen for the movement analysis paper is baseball swing movement from the initial setup to the follow through after contact with the ball. There will be Four phases that tie in the entire movement analysis. Those 4 phases include the loading phase, timing phase, the launching phase, and the follow through after the swing (Van Such, 2016). Each batter has their own unique stance based on how they plant their feet and hold the bat. However, regardless of their batting…

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  • Being An Occupational Therapist Essay

    “I want to enjoy my career so much that I wake up every morning doing what I love.” These are the words that I constantly told myself before I knew exactly what I was meant to do with my life. When I came across Occupational Therapy, I knew right away that it was the career meant for me. Being an Occupational Therapist gives me the opportunity to wake up every morning and change lives. Nothing would make me happier than working closely with people of all ages, teaching skills that provide them…

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  • The Ancient Egyptian Medicine: The Papyrus Ebers

    Egyptian Medicine According to the dictionary, medicine is defined as “any substance or substances used in treating a disease or illness” (Dictionary.com). It has been stated that one of the oldest documented medicine are those of the Ancient Egyptians, which were also one of the first to have practicing physicians who prescribed medicine. Aside from having practicing physicians prescribe medicine mainly from herbs and animals, the ancient Egyptians were also the first to practice surgical…

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  • A Career In The Medical Field Analysis

    checked his vital, informed him of the solutions we would have to put in his IV and then left to go to the next patient. Patient two was Nancy L., the year prior she had been in a serious automobile accident where she fracture several cervical and thoracic vertebrae which required them to be fused. Complications continued in her GI tract which led to immediate surgery in her abdomen, however infection occurred, necrosis developed and several other surgeries occurred resulting in a colostomy. Due…

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