Fall Semester Reflection

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As a freshman, in 2014, I attended the first few technique courses clueless about adapting to them and writing collegiate papers. Coming from a background of mainly jazz and tap, I knew I would face challenges while learning modern and ballet techniques. One of the many challenges I faced was learning to take advantage of my kinesphere. During each modern class, I was encouraged to dance bigger and really reach out in order for my movement to expand. Even though I found it to be a challenge, I was not aware of how large I could move, until I pushed myself.
Fall Semester 2014 Modern I (Dr. Sims)
Learning modern technique the fall semester of 2014 was definitely a challenge. I previously did not encounter any training in modern. I had to learn
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I was determined to work on grounding myself while lifting through my torso to improve feet exercises and balancing. In addition to working on this issue, it helped develop my working leg off the ground while doing battements, tendus, and jumps. I can say I have progressed in engaging my core and learning to eye track my movement. The feedback I received was to stay turned out from the back of my hips instead of from my knees. After taking in this information, I discovered turning out from my knees is why I experience knee pain. I also received instruction to allow my body move through each movement with fluidity. For example, coming from a background of jazz, my movement had to be sharp instead of allowing it to flow through the space with my body. Eye tracking my movement became an issue, but I was not sure how to approach it due to lack of training. Referring back to my jazz background, it was strictly enforced to keep the head straight forward instead of allowing our eyes to acknowledge our arm movement. I knew the goals I had set, and reaching those goals would be hard. One of the biggest challenges I stumbled upon was the use of my spine during floor work and standing. I had to get familiar with allowing the spine to move like it were jello and stack the vertebrae on top of each other during a roll-up. With no prior training in modern, watching my …show more content…
From receiving feedback from Dr. Sims in the fall semester and Professor Hapke in the spring semester of 2015, I have applied it to my studies this semester. Learning how to release my head and not to be so stiff with my limbs allowed me to explore a kinesphere around me that I did not think existed. Working on releasing the tension in my neck has allowed me to notice how fluid my movements appear rather than looking as if I am scared to let go and release. After exploring my capabilities, I was motivated to keep reaching out into my kinesphere and to not hold back. I have also been able to pick up on the phrases faster than usual. Rehearsing the phrases full out, while practicing in class, and on the sides helped me tremendously, which was commended in my midterm conference. A challenge arose during this semester of Modern I involving directional changes. The only opposition with directional changes I noticed, was performing the phrase from the opposite side. I am sure this is a problem every so often with other dancers, but I would perform the phrase correctly one time and the next time would be incorrect. I became frustrated and began practicing continuously until I stored the combination into my muscle memory. I rehearsed from the both sides of the marley floor and plan to continue this habit throughout the semester, as well as through my years as a dance major and

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