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On May 20, 2016, my adviser and I sat down to have a discussion about the university required courses and courses that was mandatory for the Liberal Arts college. English 101 was one of the classes I chose to take my first semester because I knew I had more knowledge on writing efficient papers because of my previous AP English courses in high school. In high school, I was always told that I was an adequate writer because I knew the basic of connecting ideas that provided a clear concrete understanding. However, the only time I received an unsatisfactory score was when the information I included in my paper was unorganized. Also, another reason I chose to take English my first semester instead of my second semester was because I knew I needed …show more content…
In the past, writing Literacy Narrative papers, my teacher always told me I had an unique voice but some of my points was slightly unclear. My goal for each essay was to improve my word usage, structure, thesis, and especially the conclusion. Every time I write an essay, I always seem to be effective in the intro and body paragraphs but I lack quality in the conclusion. My essay was title Mediocrity because I was stuck in a religious cult that control my youth completely and it took me six and a half years to realize it was unjust. My strongest area in my Literacy Narrative Essay was the end of my conclusion because it identified my main theme. “Through everything that I had been through involving the destruction of self-esteem, I was able to learn from her. I have learned to encourage myself and create my own happiness. When one creates another individual happiness it’s temporary, but when you creates your own happiness it’s …show more content…
I love the fact that the papers we wrote throughout the semester, we are able to revised them and just notice the careless mistakes we obviously did not notice while writing the paper. Revision is an effective way to show someone the mistakes they made throughout their papers because sometimes when you look at your grade you receive and the feedback you received, you tend to feel like the way he/she grades is incorrect. Throughout English 101, I have learned many rhetorical analysis strategies, the effectiveness of using appeals to attract a specific audience, citing credible sources and knowing which source is credible, etc. I always receive positive feedback but then I receive things I should improve to make my paper more effective on the next unit

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