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English 219 was my first college level English course, and through attending and completing all of the assignments I have learned many skills that I believe will greatly help me in my future courses in college. Next semester I am enrolled in English 220, and after having taken this course I feel substantially better about continuing on with English courses at a college level. It has helped me to become more confident in my writing skills and provided me with an excellent basis for me to continue on with next semester, and throughout the rest of my schooling experience.
Throughout this class I have learned many things, but perhaps the most important is the steps to writing an essay, and the planning options. Before English 219 I often did not
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Having extra ideas allowed for me to have lots to discuss and for me to have enough options that I could pick what applied to my argument the best. I also found it very helpful to write a rough draft of my essay, and then leave it for a few days. Then when I was ready to work on my essay again I was looking at it with a renewed perspective that permitted me to catch more errors than I likely would have been able to had I not taken a break from writing. Once I had my essay to a point where I was relatively happy with it, I had someone read it to proofread it. Which also helped tremendously, they were able to tell me to look at certain parts of my essay that I needed to reword so it became clearer to the reader. Going through all of these steps when writing my essay was incredibly beneficial to me and the overall writing of my essay, it made the writing of my essay go much smoother and efficiently. I was not wasting time trying to think of what I was going to write and if I ever became stuck, the freewrite helped me to clear my thoughts so I could continue …show more content…
Some changes through the semester I believe were immensely beneficial to my writing, while others; now that I am aware of them I can work to change them into more productive habits that will help me and my writing to improve. One of the questions asked on the survey that I found the most intriguing was my change in how I answered a question concerning if I ever came up with new intuitive ideas concerning my topic. My answer went from rarely, and changed to often, which I believe is greatly connected to the significant amount of time we spent in class going over and examining essays in class. The class discussions that we have had have greatly helped me to see and examine what is being said in a more insightful way, which has significantly helped me to create my own in depth perspective.
My overall experience with English 219 has been an incredibly positive one, I have learned a surplus of beneficial factors about myself concerning my writing, and many useful tips to use and apply to my writing throughout class and through the WSI survey. I hope to be able to put all of the things I have learned in this class to use in the next semester in English 220, but also throughout the rest of my

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