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  • What Ethical Issues Arise Regarding Improving Or Enhancing A Patient's Quality Of Life?

    Introduction Preterm birth can cause serious health problems or even be fatal for a baby, particularly if it happens very early (Weiss, 2015). In general, the more mature a baby is at birth, the better the chances of surviving and being healthy is. Ms. W’s case is no different; she is in preterm labor in the hospital, refusing treatment. Moreover, due to pregnancy and medication annoyance, Ms. W wants to discontinue all treatment, despite doctors’ orders. Ms. W’s potential risks of premature delivery will increase if she does not understand her medical indications, quality of life in association to risks, contextual features, and the way she applies patient preference. All are variables in this ethical case that lead to life or death. Ethics Medical Indications Medical indications are the facts, opinions, and interpretations about the patient 's physical and/or psychological condition that provides a reasonable basis for diagnostic and therapeutic activities, aiming to realize the overall goals of medicine: prevention, cure, and care of illness and injury (Jonsen, Siegler, & Winslade, 2010). Question one. What is the patient’s medical problem? Is the problem acute? Chronic? Critical? Reversible? Emergent? Terminal (Jonsen, 2010)? Case topic one. Ms. W is in preterm labor. Preterm labor is when the body starts preparing for birth too early in pregnancy. Preterm labor cannot be stopped; a baby will be born early. The earlier premature birth happens, the greater the…

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  • Mucus Plug Research Paper

    deal with is the discharging of the mucus plug. What is the Mucus Plug? The cervix produces a special mucus referred to as cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is a natural protection that a women’s body produces. The mucus is secreted or discharged during different parts of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. The mucus is secreted from the cervix to protect the reproductive organs from opportunistic pathogens and invading bacteria and/or pathogens. Additionally, when ovulation has occurred, the mucus…

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  • Preterm Labour Essay

    Preterm labor is defined as regular contractions of the uterus resulting in changes in the cervix that start before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Preterm births are classified according to gestational age at delivery. Though multiple interactive continuous variables are implicated in its etiology, the two strongest risk factors for idiopathic preterm labour are low socio-economic status and previous preterm delivery. Intrauterine infection plays a major role in the genesis of preterm labour. Diagnosis…

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  • Preterm Delivery

    chorioamnionitis, funisitis, amnionitis, and sometimes villitis, however villitis is rare (Goldenberg et all., 2000). The bacteria that can cause some of these infections may invade the uterus by migration from the abdominal wall through the fallopian tubes, passage through the cervix from the vagina, and a few other less prominent routes (Goldenberg et all., 2000). While the causes of pre-term deliveries are abundant, our treatment options a relatively limited, but effective. (Meis) Tocolytics…

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  • Essay On Preterm Birth

    the baby, knowing there are chances it might become mentally ill, have life long disabilities, spend more time in the hospital, immune disorders, and behavioral disorders. Parents also can be the cause, they can prevent their child from becoming premature but some chose to continue their habits. Many solutions exist to prevent premature births. The first solution is to know the indicators. There is always a higher chance if a mother is having more than one baby, ethnic disposition, drugs and…

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  • Experience After Childbirth

    Once the excitement associated with pregnancy subsides, women start thinking about the impending weight gain and all that they will need to do to shed the extra kilos. But have you ever thought about the other changes that your body is about to experience after childbirth? Yes, there are several other changes that will hit your body after your delivery. Read on to know more. Uterus One of the parts of your body to get affected after child birth is your uterus. During pregnancy your uterus…

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  • Mi Chaela Windsor: Case Study

    Mi’Chaela Windsor was born October 29, 2013 as a 34-week premature baby and with a lip and tongue tie. She is the youngest sister out of the two, Serena Windsor who is 18 years old and Lekeiya Windsor who is 21 years old. Mi’Chaela has a mom and dad who is still married for 18 years, Diann Windsor and Michael Windsor. The Diann and Michael are both in their forties. Diann is a stay at home mom who recently received her Masters in Human Resource. Diann also home school Mi’Chaela due to the fact…

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  • Premature Birth Essay

    What is premature birth? Premature birth is the definition of a baby being born before 37 weeks of being pregnant. There are many different levels of prematurity and many different risks. I will begin to name almost all the levels of prematurity. A baby being born very premature which is being born before 26 weeks of being pregnant is called a Micro Preemie. Generally the earlier your baby is born the higher the risks of health problems. Most women are relieved when they pass the stage that they…

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  • Environmental Factors Of Cerebral Palsy

    Many environmental factors play a role in the health of your unborn child therefore creating a risk factor for your child developing cerebral palsy. Small habits such as smoking drinking alcohol and use of any illicit drugs is putting your unborn baby at risk for permanent and potential health One of the most common questions about cerebral palsy is, is cerebral palsy genetic? 'A growing body of evidence ' suggests that cerebral palsy is a result of a combination of genetic factors, like those…

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  • Early Intervention

    Early intervention programs are provided all over the United States to premature infants to age three, but sometimes it can even go beyond if approved during certain situations. Early intervention programs vary from state to state with rules and regulations, but overall it helps children that are born with disabilities or developmental delays during the time they should be developing the skills that a normal developing child would have developed. These children can be either be environmentally…

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