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  • Keith Hallmark Research Paper

    Keith Hallmark is a firefighter who knows the struggles life as a first responder can put on the family. When he was 20 years old, Hallmark began his career as a firefighter. He attended fire school at Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service where he became certified with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. He said that at 20 years old he liked the work schedule of a firefighter. From there, his career grew. Hallmark is now an instructor, fire investigator, firefighter, hazardous materials technician and EMT for the San Antonio Fire Department in San Antonio, Texas. Loving his job and making his family happy simultaneously can sometimes be difficult. “I know it’s hard on my family with me being gone a lot and in dangerous situations during almost every shift,” he said. Hallmark said…

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  • Argumentative Essay On First Responders

    Abstract First Responders often face life and death situations. The public expectation is that when they arrive on scene these men and women will be able to take quick action and resolve the issue at hand. More often than not First Responders are armed with little or no information prior to arriving at a scene. Once there they take fast and reasonable steps to control the situation. However, the public sometimes do not understand the outcome of such calls. The reality is that a person might die…

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  • Kevin Hazzard Paramedics

    “Paramedics are taught not to risk their lives after mass shootings. They should.,” gives his opinion on paramedics not being allowed to enter a crime scene in which could potentially put their lives in danger. Who is Kevin Hazzard and why is his opinion relevant? First off, Hazzard was a paramedic himself for about ten years. In his article, he refers back to incidents during his career where it was extremely difficult to not put his own life in danger while also trying to save the victims…

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  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Study

    Introduction of the Problem Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health disorder that occurs from “exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violation.” (McCauley 2015) First Responders include police officer, firefighters and EMS workers. They respond to traumatic events daily such as rapes, murders, domestic violence cases, robberies, car accidents, hostage situations and industrial explosions. They are called to help people in their worst moments. They are…

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  • Why Is Workplace Safety Important?

    When someone dials 911, they expect someone to be there to help them. Whether they just had a slight fall, or are suffering from Cardiac Arrest, first responders need to be there for the citizens they serve. If a first responder is injured and cannot do their job properly, then they are putting the safety of the citizens at risk. The job of a first responder is to be there for the citizens, which is why workplace safety is always important to keep in mind. In the Fire and Emergency Services…

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  • Active Shooter Incidents

    If, the situation is still occurring in real time, first responders must have the mental and physically ability to deal with an active shooter situation prior arrival. To prepare for an active shooter situation, there must be an examination of a potential target population. A needs assessment should be conducted under the assumption that the risk of an active shooter event is high. It is important that each facility’s active shooter preparedness plan is tailored to address the particularities…

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  • Critical Incident Stress Management Case Study

    Crisis theory is an important analytical tool for social workers to use when working with emergency first responders dealing with mental health issues following a critical incident. Those in the emergency response profession are unlikely to describe their job as mundane. Daily, adrenaline pumps through their systems as they respond to the worst events, people will face in their lifetime. As a defense mechanism, first responders are able to operate in their logical minds, build up a…

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  • First Responder And Emergency Responses

    First responder refers to a person who has been trained in the emergency response field. First responders may have multiple tiers of training, depending on what the requirements are for the services they provide Firefighter is defined as a person who fights fires; spec. a member of a fire service trained to extinguish fires and to provide other emergency and rescue services. (firefighter, n." OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2016. Web. 21 March 2016).Fire fighters work either full or…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of No Fireman At Ground Zero

    Rhetorical Analysis Michael Burke, brother and son of firefighters, fought for the rights of first responders to be honored at Ground Zero on 9/11. On September 7, 2011- two days before the ten year anniversary of 9/11- Burke published “No Fireman at Ground Zero This 9/11?” to the Wall Street Journal due to the Mayor’s decision of including politicians to the event instead of first responders. The wealthy, influential readers of the article become persuaded that denying first responders the…

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  • Effective Communication In Emergency Department

    the communication system work during emergency circumstances? How long does it take to communicate the emergency plan within the fire department and with the other agencies during an emergency circumstance promptly? When there is an emergency, the urgency and millions of decisions need to make in a short period or a split second could only be understood by the first responders. The first responders face the various emergency crisis; every crisis is different in many levels of dangers and…

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