Certified Public Accountant

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  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    Definition CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. It is the designation of eligible accountants in several countries around world. In United States CPAs need to pass Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and have to meet additional state education and experience requirements for membership in the professional accounting bodies and certification as under requirements for being a CPA. There requirements necessitate CPAs to continue professional education and have to gain work experience in order to practice as full time CPA. Many states encompass a lower level of accountant requirements which is much lower than the qualifications needed for CPA with a title called Public Accountant and are also called Licensed Public Accountant. Such titles were at first anticipated to permit non certified accountants to practice accounting practices until a state law was enforced under which several regulations now standardize the practice of public accounting in that respective state. Now a majority of states have dropped the title of Public Accountants however there are still six states that continue to offer the…

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  • Ethical Necessary For Certified Public Accountants

    Ethical behavior is a necessary requirement for professionals for purposes of maintaining public confidence on their profession and the services they offer. Certified Public Accountants have similar ethical requirements to those found in other professions. There is a need for all professionals to be responsible, competent and provide services with great professional care. Since certified public accountants have a responsibility to users of financial statements, it is necessary for auditors to be…

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  • Certified Public Accountant Analysis

    In today’s tough job market, it is imperative to have a Bachelor’s degree to be competitive. Student’s majoring in accounting are entering a high-demand field that can earn them a lucrative salary and professional full of opportunities. However, after graduating the newly minted Accountant must decide if they want to complete the requirements to sit and take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam to earn their CPA license. Accounting graduates should take the extra courses to sit and…

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  • The AICPA Relationship In Auditing The Auditing Standards For Public Accounting

    The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is the world’s largest representation of certified public accountants (CPAs). Established in 1887, the AIPCA serves as an advocate for CPAs, CGMAs, and has a mission of powering the success of global business, CPAs, and CGMAs through the use of education, resources, and advocacy (AICPA, 2016). The AICPA supports FASB by providing technical support, standard setting, and guidelines to CPAs nationwide. Because accounting is complex in…

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  • Financial Fraud Case Study

    Financial Statement Fraud Investigation Frisbey (2015) indicated that forensic accountants should be able to effectively communicate with the management and involved personnel as to the factors of the existence of fraud indicators, to be able to perform essential analytics and independent testing such as horizontal and vertical testing techniques to detect fraud or to examine the validity of evidence being investigated (p.8-9). Frisbey mentioned that forensic accountants should, for example,…

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  • Case Study: Scaletta CPA & Associates PC

    The 1099 form reports the various types of income you may receive throughout the year other than the salary your employer pays you compared to the W2 form that reports an employee 's annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from his or her paycheck. Scaletta and his emplyees must file their clients tax return by April 15. If clients fail to submit the required paperwork by the deadline, it is their responsible to pay the fees and penalties. The CPA or accountant is not responsible for the…

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  • How Accounting Changed My Life

    I was only 14 years old, a freshman in high school when everything changed. I lost to very close and influential people in my life that I always looked up as they helped guide me in my life and future path. Getting the news that my Grandma had passed away from old age and my Aunt dying from a heart attack is just the worse thing anybody can ever hear, especially if they were your role models and heroes. They were the ones who influenced me to become an accountant and become a CPA, they guided me…

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  • Gcu College Essay Examples

    I was just a small freshman, scared, nervous, and excited about my new adventure at a whole new school with a lot more people. I started off the first semester really strong, ending it with above a 3.0 GPA. Right before the second semester started I lost two very close and influential people in my life that I always looked up to as they helped guide me in my life and wanted me to reach for the moon. Getting the news that my Grandma had passed away from old age and my Aunt dying from a heart…

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  • Choosing Career Goals

    I am interning with a public accounting firm and I too have met people who majored in subjects that have nothing to do with accounting, such as biology, law and psychology. As you mentioned, as people grow and mature, their interests and perspectives tend to change as well. The things they were passionate about years ago may no longer appeal to them. Besides, choosing a career is a complex task which requires people to not only consider their interests but also the job market, its prospects and…

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  • The Importance Of CPA Oath

    draft a “CPA Oath,” which speaks to the role of public accountants, addresses the challenges of the professional among its clients and society, and incorporates a historical understanding of the field of public accountancy. This Oath should not be longer than one page. The CPA Oath As a Chartered Public Accountant, my goal is to act as a trusted professional working for the greater good of the society. I will act to serve in favor of the public interest in the best of my knowledge and will offer…

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