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  • Allusions In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

    S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders was written when the author was sixteen years old and attending high school. She witnessed the struggles of her peers, especially the violence between the different social class gangs, in school and began to write about them. The Outsiders began as a simple short story and quickly flourished into a novel due to Hinton’s irate state of mind regarding her own life. Her writing became a way to cope and work through her feelings about the violent situations surrounding her life. Hinton wanted to create a story that realistically portrayed the situations and people around her that she could share with others on a greater scale (Dear Reader). The author herself was friends with both Greasers and Socs and saw firsthand that both sides had problems of their own, so she strived to accurately portray this in her own characters in The Outsiders (Speaking with). In The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton uses allusions, symbols, and vernacular to enhance the development and credibility of characters in her novel. The Outsiders contains many allusions from pop culture, like Mickey Mouse and Paul Newman, but the most influential allusions in the novel are the ones that come from other works of literature (Hinton 1, 39). Near the beginning of the novel, Ponyboy references the book Great Expectations that he had to read for his English class. He compares himself to the main character Pip in how both of them are judged harshly due to their lesser status by those above…

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  • The Importance Of Allusion In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

    Authors throughout history have utilized our senses to connect the reader to the characters in the novel in a symbiotic relationship. Without our connection and relatability, the impact of the struggles a character faces would not be the same on the reader. This is held true for Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. Chopin employs auditory allusions to foreshadow the fate of the protagonist Edna Pontellier. These small breadcrumbs of allusions placed throughout the novel lead us down the path of…

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  • Szymborska Allusion

    Maria Wisława Szymborska. One who has seen the good in the bad and looked for the best in the worst. Using her poetry, has been able to show a consoling view to the attacks on September 11, 2001. Given such a convincing opinion through the use of poetry, and communicated it through the use of poetic aspects within her poetry. Possibly one of the most subtle aspects used throughout her poetry could be the use of structure within the poem. The possible use of allusion which Szymborska experienced…

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  • Intertextuality In Frankenstein

    Decades after the first publication of Mary Shelly’s revolutionary novel, Frankenstein, it still influences modern novelists and has even infiltrated our pop culture. Many authors have pulled upon her iconic book and have incorporated this memorable story into their own. These authors created literary connections between their work and Shelly’s to enhance their writing and Mary Shelly is no stranger to this common practice of intertextuality. Throughout her own science-fiction novel, she pulls…

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  • Intertextuality Analysis

    Does intertextuality damage the originality and validity of our claims, or does the idea of borrowing bits and pieces of information contribute meaning and credibility to our arguments as a whole? In this paper I will examine the fact that intertextuality has allowed the world to advance in the way that we write. Intertextuality does not in fact inhibit originality, but rather it is the sole reason people are able to generate new and influential point of views—by building upon writing of the…

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  • Intertextuality In Vonnegut's

    Intertextuality can likewise be a reference or parallel to another scholarly work, a broadened examination of a work or the reception of a style. In Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse - Five, as in other postmodern works, certain characters traverse from different stories, showing up, interfacing the discrete novels as a more prominent creation. For example, science fiction writer Kilgore Trout, frequently an essential character in different novels is appeared as a social commentator and a companion to…

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  • T. S. Eliot's Influence On Ginsberg

    In the world of writing, it goes without saying that certain writers pave the way for others in terms of their success and because of this, influence those that come after based on the movements they create and the stylistic choices they either make or break. Especially when it comes to modern poetry and its evolution, there are always those who are influenced positively and negatively by others in the community – no matter how many generations apart they may be. Having said that, the influence…

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  • Kiese Laymon Allusion

    In his book How To Slowly Kill yourself and Others in America, Kiese Laymon uses very specific, detailed allusions as a hidden tool to add to the experience of the reader and various aspects of his argument . All of Laymon 's essays in this book are packed full of Allusion, but they all have different effects. Throughout this book, Laymon uses Allusions to connect with the reader, add a dark side to his essays, remind the reader of past greats, provide second opinions, and build his credibility.…

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  • Intertextuality In The Simpsons

    Intertextuality is one of the major factors that have enabled The Simpsons to sustain a large, diversified audience for more than twenty years, and it has created an incentive for this audience to participate actively in discussions and cultural analysis. The Simpsons often goes further its entertaining purpose and assesses analytically the television in general, and current medial surroundings, including multiplication and the sitcom genre, in particular. It is not only concerned…

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  • Intertextuality In The Arabian Nights

    One point that I will tackle in this chapter is the way in which different texts from different genres and cultures use the Arabian Night as intertexts, and for which purpose. Then, I will examine the issue of intertextuality using the theories of Genette aiming at finding a way to make intertextuality a helpful critical device that can help me identify my object of study. I will go through different works among Arab and Western literature that utilize the Nights through various eras. Then, I…

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