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  • Brennan's Argument Analysis

    living document that’s meaning changes with time? Beginning with Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson in 1786 at the constitutional convention, arguments continue to emerge for both loose interpretation and strict interpretation. Former Attorney General Edwin Meese asserts his view in his “Speech to the Federalist Society Lawyers Division”. In his speech, Meese takes the time to discuss the Regan administration’s approach to interpreting the constitution proclaiming, “Our approach does not view the Constitution as some kind of super municipal code, designed to address merely the problems of a particular era – whether those of 1787, 1789, or 1868.” What Meese is implying with this statement is he (and the rest of the Regan administration), do not see the constitution as a document that cannot speak to issues of this age. Meese is convinced that the constitution is not bounded by time nor is it “a mirror that simply reflects the thoughts and ideas of those who stand before it”. According to Meese, the meaning of the constitution does not change with time. Moreover, the rising generation whom are faced with the constitution do not get to interpret the constitution to best fit their generation. Further defending his position, Meese draws attention to the fact that the constitution was a written document and therefore by definition conveys meaning. Therefore, the meaning of the constitution can be known if properly studied. The former Attorney General quotes James Madison,…

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  • Dcog Theory Of Learning

    Edwin Hutchins, a cognitive psychologist and former professor at at the University of California at San Diego, is one of the key developers of distributed cognition (Bell & Winn, 2000). Distributed cognition allows the student to have more control. Simply put, distributed cognition, or Dcog, is student centered and contends that learning is achieved in environments where learners take part in a methodically intended learning environment that encourages interaction with its participants (Bell &…

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  • Georges Lemaynetre: Father Of The Big Bang Theory

    served in World War 1 as an artillery officer. They do not however provide any information about his family. This essay does not reveal what his parents did for living or what type of childhood he had or if he had any siblings. Lemaître was ordained as an abbé in 1923 after the World War 1. He studied with “the distinguished English astronomer Arthur Eddington […]” in 1924. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a physics Ph.D. After which, beginning in 1925 he taught…

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  • Fashion Trends In The 70's

    guard solider accidently shot a round at the protesters, sparking other soldiers to shoot at the protesters. This resulted in the killing of four students and the injury of nine. This sparked the band, Crosby Stills and Nash, to write the song Ohio(History.com). They were not the only group to make protest music about the Vietnam War. Many bands made songs about the Vietnam was such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Edwin Starr(About.com). Edwin Starr’s song, War, was…

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  • Edwin Hubble Essay

    Edwin Powell Hubble was born on November 20th, 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. He was the third child of seven kids. His dad was John P. Hubble, and his mom was Virginia Lee James Hubble. Edwin lived in Missouri until his grade school years, when his dad moved to Chicago in 1898 for his real estate business. Hubble went to Wheaton High School in Chicago, where he excelled as a student and an athlete. Hubble graduated in the class of 1906 when he was just 16 years old, two years younger than most…

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  • Black Holes Research Papers

    astronomer Galileo Galilei within his first year of observation he had discovered four of Jupiter’s largest moons as well as discovering hundreds of stars. He did this using simple mirrors and optics to magnify the light coming from the distant discovery, even though many people would just view this as simple observation this is actually a very basic form of electromagnetic detection as light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, but due to the very small range of electromagnetic radiation…

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  • Audience Analysis: The Pixar Theory

    The process of doing an audience analysis involves being able to identifying and adapt in order to able to present the information to an audience properly (Adler, Rodman, & du Pre, 2014). In understanding the audience a speaker has a better awareness of how to approach the subject without alienating them. Being able to adapt to the environment allows for a better way for the speech to reach the audience. Also allows for the speaker to decide in what form they wish to present the information.…

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  • Themes Of Edwin Arlington Robinson

    Though he was nameless for the first six months of his life, Edwin Arlington Robinson would later become one of the most well known poets from the 20th century. Fame came to Robinson because of his focus on personal failure, materialism, and isolation in his poetry, which are also common themes of the Modernist Era of poetry. Objected to free verse, which was increasingly popular at his time, Edwin stuck with a writing style that was his own, and quite traditional as well. Three of his most…

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  • An Analysis Of Edwin Arlington Robinson's Poem Richard Cory

    Edwin Arlington Robinson described a man that appeared to have it all in the poem, “Richard Cory.” The subject was revered by the town’s people and known as a man of great assets and his satisfactory lifestyle. The poem is ended abruptly when Richard Cory shoots himself in the head, taking his own life. The moral of the story is that money and materialistic things offer some level of security and stability, but not necessarily happiness. Though his outward appearance was polished and he seemed…

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  • Richard Cory By Edwin Arlington Robinson: Poem Analysis

    Growing up, my brothers and I were always held to a higher standard than the average kid our age. My mom raised us to be hardworking and strong leaders with opinions of our own. We worked for what we wanted, and never let anyone get in our way. So being success-oriented my whole life has left me to wonder: What is success? And why do so many people have different views on it? Views on success vary depending on how one was raised, what ones morals are, and what goals people set for themselves in…

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