Rampart scandal

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  • LAPD Rampart Case Study

    The Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart CRASH unit was established in the 1990s to deal with the gang problems facing the city. CRASH stood for Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums which was an anti-gang unit of police officers. There were around seventy officers involved in the Rampart CRASH unit that were a part of the scandal that took place, making the LAPD Rampart scandal one of the largest police corruption scandals that happened in the United States. Within the scandal many officers were responsible for unnecessary shootings and beatings along with false evidence claims and stealing, and many more. This feared many in communities to be afraid of officers and what they could do. As a part of the CRASH unit the officers…

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  • Wells Fargo Code Of Ethics

    United States. However, this immaculate reputation has been tarnished in the wake of the recent fake accounts scandal. Since the beginning of the decade, the employees of the bank have created millions of fake credit cards and bank accounts. From 2011 to 2016, this banking institution has managed to collect a staggering $2.6 million in consumer fees (Partnoy & Eisinger, 2016). The collection of this huge amount of money is a direct outcome of the trend of the employees to set up fake accounts.…

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  • Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: Corruption In Professional Sports

    Every year we hear of a sporting scandal that shocks fans around the world. In 2016 it was the FIFA corruptions scandal, the deflategate scandal of 2015, in 2012 the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, and many more in every sport imaginable. These events are horrible for fans, as their beloved sport become ruined by the greed and evil nature of just a select few. It spoils the image of a league or organization and makes all the parties involved look bad. In all these cases, the suspects are…

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  • Primary Colors Film Analysis

    Throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s there seems to be very consistent themes regarding how the respective decades viewed politicians, their campaigning, and most of all their behavior and actions while doing so. Every single main character in the four movies has at least one obvious affair, being the most consistent scandal throughout four decades of political campaign films. This is very telling of how the American people view politicians, and especially view their personal lives. The…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Voting Third Party

    increased in the light of Trumps campaign. There are reasons to be genuinely afraid and we shouldn’t pass it off as irrational and something you need to ignore and not talk about because “everything will be okay in the end.” This also applies to certain mechanisms that suggest we halt any political discussion with others just to avoid conflict. The main goal should be to find a medium between ignorance as bliss, and the constant absorption and worry about every little issue and dramatic scandal…

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  • The Effects Of Vietnam And The Watergate Scandal

    Vietnam and the Watergate scandal affected popular trust in the government. During his 1968 campaign, Nixon promised that he had a “secret plan” to put an end the Vietnam War. Once he was in office, he created a new policy called Vietnamization. With this, U.S. troops would slowly be withdrawn while South Vietnamese troops, backed by U.S. bombing, would take up fighting. However, Vietnamization did not end the war or end the antiwar movement like Nixon had planned. In early 1970, Nixon ordered…

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  • Enron Leadership Analysis

    SPE for accounting purpose, but these transactions must still be subjected to certain regulations”. (Journal of Management Research, 2003b.) The interesting part of this scheme was the away Enron financed its SPEs. They were formed with a small capital, provided mostly by Enron and a small part (about 3%) were provided by external parties. But who provided the 3% equity in the parties? It was Andrew Fastow who was behind this idea (Bryce, 2002) 2.4 Creative Accounting – “Intelligent…

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  • Essay On White Collar Crime

    Consequences of White-Collar Crime White-collar crime is a widespread problem which have resulted in significant financial loss to victims. A few well-known white-collar crime case made headline to aware of the seriousness. They are Enron collapse in 2001, WorldCom financial fraud in 2002, Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme in 2008 and Leman Brothers scandal in 2008. These frauds all linked to large amount of money. According to Friedrichs (2009), the financial damage result from white-collar crime in…

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  • Sumitomo Corporation Case Study

    Sumitomo Copper Scandal (1995) Impacts on the Sumitomo Corporation The Sumitomo Copper estimated that the copper scandal, the financial scandal, gave rise to losses of $1.8 billion in June 1995. According to the company, the case would not affect their activeness and they would swallow the entire loss in the current fiscal year, which was about nine months after it took place. In order to cover the $1.8 billion losses, they would set aside a fund from the original executive bonuses and canceled…

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  • Enron The Smartest Guys In The Room Analysis

    the most America's largest corporate bankruptcy”, as it reports the documentary itself. In fact, few years before the bankrupt, Enron was the 7th largest corporation in the USA that took 16 years to go from 10 billion assets to approximately 65 billion, but in only 24 days it went bankrupt. The movie describes and analyses how the company grew and then collapsed quickly and surrounded by a gigantic scandal that can be seen as pride but also as arrogance, intolerance and greed. From one side it…

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