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  • Canadian Involvement In Ww1

    battle fought by Canadian troops in the First World War took place from 22 April to 25 May 1915, outside the Belgian city of Ypres. After arriving at Ypres, the Canadian soldiers took a position between the British and French division. Two Canadian brigades were in the front lines, with a third in reserve near Ypres. On April 22, at 5 p.m., the Germans released gas against the French 45th Division to the Canadians’ left. When it rolled over their positions, French troops either suffocated or fled, their eyes and throats burning from the chlorine. Most of the gas missed the Canadians, but the French retreat had exposed the Canadian’s left flank and threatened the destruction of the whole Allied position in the salient. General Alderson’s units shifted positions to cover the gap, but the German gas attack had torn a huge hole, several kilometres wide, in the Allied line.…

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  • World War I: Chemical Warfare

    I proclaimed the dawning of a new era of human conflict. The days of honorable combat were replaced with weapons of mass casualties such as machine guns and explosives of catastrophic proportions. But these tools of death paled in comparison to the horrors of chemical warfare. Poison gases removed the enemy, replacing him with a faceless horror that more resembled the superstitions and ghosts of the Dark Ages than the newest scientific advantages of the 20th century. From the personal accounts…

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  • World War 1 Trench Narrative

    The night out was cold, about four degrees Celsius. Men were huddled up together, while others kept their eyes out for the German troops. The first battle of Ypres didn’t go so well, our enemies had used a new weapon on the French troops. It was some sort of deadly chemical weapon. It was April 21st, 1915, so far we didn’t know what to call this war. It was enormous, and affected most of the world. Poor Belgium wasn’t even a part of the force, but Germany tried to attack France by going through…

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  • Analysis Of All Quiet On The Western Front

    The poems and the excerpt from All Quiet on the Western Front reflect the horrible impact that the atrocious conditions of trench warfare had on the men who were fighting it. They all show that through the starvation, dysentery, fatigue, utilization of industrialized weaponry, and loss of life with no territorial gain, the people were finding it harder and harder to continue fighting, both mentally and physically. The leaders of armies at first used combatant war tactics, but this only resulted…

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  • How Did World War 1 Shaped Canadian History

    Eventually, the Canadians soldiers succeeded in an environmentally terrifying battle and the Passchendaele village was captured on November 6th. Once again, the Canadians showed that we had one of the best military forces in the world. More than 4000 Canadians died and 12000 Canadians were wounded . Another battle, where Canadians proved their abilities was in the Second Battle of Ypres. The Second Battle of Ypres took place on April 22nd 1915 . The Second Battle of Ypres was the first ever…

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  • Vimy Ridge Letters

    The battle of Ypres left many dead, and there were not many to tell the tale, especially from the Canadian corps. The interview shows the many misconceptions that the soldiers had during this event, and gives an idea of their thought process Many soldiers mistakened the gas for smoke, and did not do anything to prevent themselves from harm until the gas had turned green. He speaks about how it felt to have chlorine gas inside his body. Similar to the letter, Stevens talks of death without much…

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  • Analysis Of The Third Battle Of Passchendaele

    forces launched a strategic offensive campaign near the town of Ypres, Belgium, against the German Army resulting in approximately 200,000 dead German Soldiers, and nearly 300,000 dead British Soldiers. The British aimed to relieve the worn-out French forces already in place, and then take possession of the areas above the plain of Flanders, mainly the city of Passchendaele and its surrounding areas. The result was a sound beating of the British forces by the German forces, with the British…

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  • World War I Affected My Great Grandparents

    World War I probably affected my great great great grandparents. It began in 1914 when a Serbian nationalist murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife. Austria-Hungary, then declared war on Serbia. Europe was divided in two, the Triple Alliance, made up of Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy, versus the Triple Entente, made up of Russia, France, and Great Britain. As more and more countries got involved, the Triple Alliance became known as the Central Alliance, and the Triple…

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  • How Did Ww1 Affect Our Daily Lives

    the most cruel way to die in war, considering that the victim suffers and dies slowly and painfully. The first successful poison gas attack was on April 22, 1915, during the second battle of Ypres. German soldiers released 168 tons of chlorine gas through large cylinders, and used the wind to drift the gas towards French and Canadian trenches. The yellowish-green cloud floated with the wind towards the trenches, and eventually settled inside of the trenches, suffocating those who were still in…

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  • The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

    British empire meaning the Canadian parliament could not decide whether they wanted to go to war and were instead automatically involved in any conflict the British were in. This also meant that Canada had more allies to fight the German and Austro-Hungarian empires with the British, Serbia, Russia, France, and later the United States by their side. Canada’s Major Battles Canadian troops fought in many battles, some like the first Newfoundland Regiment were annihilated on the first day in the…

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