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  • Joyce Appleby Inheriting The Revolution Summary

    generation of Americans and those who fought the American Revolution but, as the title specifies, many who inherited it, those who had to figure out their parents daring advisory of liberty looked like on ground. Appleby explores business, politics, and family life, she examines this generation’s grapple with slavery, their involvement in biblical revivals. This novel is filled with data gathered on thousands of people, as well as hundreds of…

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  • Jill Ker Conway Character Analysis

    Jill Ker Conway grew up in an oscillating household, experiencing economic failure, personal tragedy, social isolation, and eventual financial success. A gifted student, Conway eventually fled Australia, citing psychological distress and professional stagnation. Conway’s upbringing was largely similar to a rural American girl in the middle twentieth century. Facing social limitations, economic hardship, and controlling parents, Conway received similar autonomy to female Americans. However, her…

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  • Essay On VFW Do To Honor The Veteran Community

    Veterans of Foreign Wars is an organization that strives to be a leader in combating the issues veterans face. Since these shocking statistics, the VFW has implemented programs to combat homelessness…

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  • Ku Klux Klan Summary

    interpretations depict the Klan as a political organization determined in its fight for political dominance over the Republican Party present during the era of Reconstruction. The Ku Klux Klan itself was racially motivated, using violence and aggression to regulate who could and who couldn’t hold positions of office. The Klan was a result of a political control issue between itself and members of the Republican Party which included a vast majority of newly freed slaves. Within the Republican…

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  • Activism In The Civil Rights Movement

    understanding of the period. In their view, the long civil rights movement paradigm fails to account for the transformation in the African American consciousness that occurred in the late 1960s. What some long civil rights movement advocates would fail to realize, Cha-Jua and Lang suggest, is that ideology, discourse, and long range objectives matter as much, if not more, than the specific inequalities against which the activists struggle over the course of time. While we may not agree with the…

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  • Mississippi History Dbq

    during different periods, many Historians, powerful individuals, and groups had a slanted viewpoint on slavery and the South. Some used their influence to persuade others, one such group was the UDC. The United Daughters of the Confederacy is an association of female descendants of Confederate veterans. The national organization was founded on September 10, 1894, in Nashville TN. Before the UDC was founded, several ladies’ associations worked through the South during the Civil War to supply…

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  • Jamestown Roanoke Colony

    After many trials and errors, Jamestown became the first successful colony in America. The effort put behind Jamestown was strong enough to support and develop the colony. However, such effort was not always put behind expeditions across the Atlantic. The Roanoke story demonstrates what insufficient interest and activity could lead to. The Roanoke settlement is a mystery which has boggled many historians for years, however, with our current knowledge and accessibility to information, historians…

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  • Albert Raboteau's Slave Religion

    a category of American religious history, African-American religious life and the history behind it has often forgotten or briefly summarized in most historians’ work. Prior to the 1970’s, most history written on African-American religion was vague, often just trivial paragraphs in textbooks and considered irrelevant to our nation’s religious history. But as time progressed, history was revisited to show African-American’s having a more prominent voice in America’s religious culture. One…

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  • Sick From Freedom Jim Downs Analysis

    Jim Downs is a 39-year-old assistant professor of history and interim director of the American Studies program at Connecticut College. As a historian, Jim Downs has spent much of his time learning about the Civil War, but it was his intention with his book Sick From Freedom to bring light to the darker history of the emancipation era in the United States, and more importantly, what he believes is the “largest biological crisis of the 19th century.” When people think about the Civil War, many…

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  • A Devil Of A Whipping Analysis

    made popular largely due to the success of the Mel Gibson film, The Patriot. The author, Lawrence E. Babits, as well as many other historical scholars, argue that the Battle of the Cowpens helped set the stage for victory at Yorktown and the eventual winning of the War for Independence. Babits describes the battlefield tactics of the war as well as the weaponry used by either side. He has also lain out the build-up to the battle and the aftermath. “Compared with Lexington, Concord, and…

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