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  • Andrew Jackson Fire Short Story

    With the fire quickly approaching, they had no time to lose. The fire was 50 meters away. Jackson and Julia attempted to away as fast as they could, but it did not seem to be quick enough. It crept ever closer and closer, edging upon the gap between them. The fire was 25 meters away. The wind poured into the fire’s might, strengthening the speed of its burn and its heat. It seemed the two of them would be unable to escape from the fire’s wrath at this point. The fire was 15 meters away. Its rate of spread coupled with Jackson’s slow moving speed made it impossible to outrun the fire. “Push through the pain Jackson! If we don't make it, we are dead! All or nothing!” Julia shrieked. “I don’t think I can! It’s too painful!” Jackson groaned. “Dying at the hands of fire is your only other option. Push. Through. The. PAIN!” Julia replied, not taking no for an answer. The fire had neared even more, as it was 10 meters away. With Jackson unable to escape quickly, their end was inevitable… or so it seemed. As they sprinted right through an especially dense part of brush, a miracle occurred. Jackson was the first to react, immediately crying out, “To that lake! We are SAVED!” A small lake had appeared before them, offering them escape from their brush with death. They willingly dived directly into the water, ecstatically accepting its protection and cooling. “We’re going to make it!” Julia cried out in pure ecstasy. “The forest can’t stop us now!” Since they were both strong…

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  • Diathermy Essay

    Diathermy is a medical treatment using the production of heat in a part of the body by high-frequency electric currents to stimulate the circulation, relieve pain, destroy unhealthy tissue or cause bleeding vessels to clot. Diathermy has positive effects for osteoarthritis due to the biological effects of the condition. Osteoarthritis is a degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. This usually effects the hip, knee and thumb joints. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common…

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Approach

    Non Specific Chronic Low Back Pain (NSCLBP) is a common and costly muscular disorder resulting in significant personal, economical, and social burden (Ma, Chan, & Carruthers, 2014). Many treatment approaches were designed to treat NSCLBP. These approaches need to be supported by evidence to assist the clinician to create the best clinical decision making. The European Guide line for Chronic Low back pain support using some treatment approaches as Cognitive-Behavioral treatment approach where…

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  • Skin Color Evolution

    are a testament to this as they have some of the fairest and lightest skin pigments seen across the world. Ultraviolet radiation acts as a selective force in the evolution of human skin color and human bodies fronted a defense in the form of pigmentation. [Roy] Consequently, ultraviolet radiation, shortwave ultraviolet radiation specifically, is the main catalyst in the metabolism of Vitamin D, and for that reason there is a high concentration of Vitamin D in darker skin and a lower…

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  • Silent Spring By Rachel Carson: What Is Meteorology?

    natural gas. When humans burn coal, (the world’s widely available fossil fuel) it releases CO2. CO2 is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the most potent greenhouse gas. In the World Wildlife website states, “according to the International Energy Agency the power sector is responsible for 37% of all man-made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions. It creates about 23 billion tons of CO2 emissions per year – in excess of 700 tons a second. In turn, this CO2 continues to heat up our planet which poses an…

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  • How Does Climate Change Affect Population

    Climate Change effect on population What causes climate change to have a big effect on other environmental beings? First it begins with knowing what it is and according to google web, it is “the change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels (” Climate change is known for usually affecting rainfall,…

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  • Acceptance And Forgiveness In Tallgrass By Sandra Dallas

    another excuse to be offensive to the Japanese. Although the fictional town of Ellis is racially divided and a biased community, this town experiences significant growth as a result of their experiences with individual suffering. When the Japanese first arrived in Ellis, everyone is biased toward them, and everyone in the town put their own problems on the Japanese. At the station, when the Japanese first arrive, the bias level is high. Everyone has some type of a biased comment towards the…

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  • Apollo 11

    time it would be a nuclear one. A realization struck that the stakes for who would come out victorious were set high. Through all this Americans look to President Kennedy to reassure them that they would be safe. On October 4, 1957 the Soviet Union sent a satellite known as Sputnik I into space which sent Americans into more fear. It was the first time something had been sent into orbit and with fear of nuclear war America viewed it as a threat. Sputnik was made to test radio and optical…

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  • Mr. Askins Free Time Analysis

    campground. He just remembers going there and being amazed at all the new people. Mr. Askins did not want to go to a school where he knew a lot of people and Tech fulfilled that wish. He wanted to be challenged to make friends. The primary objective of orientation was for new students to get acquainted to new classmates and learn the traditions of Georgia Tech. there were also many speakers from campus who came to help the students get more acclimated to their new environment. There were 212…

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  • One Degree Is The Difference Between Global Warming And Cooling

    degree is the difference between freezing and melting. One degree is the difference between surviving and thriving. One degree is the difference between the global average temperature of the year 1900 and the year 2014. The world has seen a 0.66º C increase in temperature, and while it may seem like a small change, it will have a major effect on daily lives and the ecosystem in the near future (Global Land and Temperature Anomalies). The main contributor to this increase is the effect of…

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