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  • Personal Narrative: African American Football

    As I jumped from the first trampoline to the second trampoline, my foot got caught by something. I immediately figured it was the yellow divider. I broke down sobbing because of the pain. Rhea helped me get up and go down the stairs, she was a really good friend. I tried to go down the stairs without using my right foot. “Aarushi, are you ok!” Rhea exclaimed…

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  • Jumping A Trampoline

    Jumping on a trampoline is an entertaining pastime for children and adults. In addition to being plenty of fun, having a trampoline at your home has positive health benefits. At Homeplace Structures, based in Austin, TX, they specialize in building playsets complete with trampolines and outdoor swings. Here are four benefits of having a trampoline at home for your kids from the custom playset fabricators at Homeplace Structures: Great Cardiovascular Exercise: …

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  • Essay On Trampolines

    Trampolines are very fun toys, is an activity loved by people of all ages. A trampoline is an object consisting of a piece of taut, a strong fiber extended over a steel frame using many springs, the fabric used on the trampoline bed has certain elasticity, the elasticity is generated by the springs connected to the frame, which store potential energy (the stored energy of position of an object). The first trampoline to be invented, was invented by a trapeze artist called Du Trampolin, he…

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  • Essay On Trampoline

    For most of us, bouncing is fun! No wonder there are plenty of trampolines everywhere. From our backyards to indoor gyms, to playgrounds, trampolines were being promoted as an efficient form of exercise for children and even adults. Likewise, trampolines are great for engaging everyone in the family in a fun activity. However, frequent use, extreme weather conditions, liquid and chemical spillage and other physical elements contribute to the fast wear and tear of trampolines. Once you see…

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  • Stereotypes In Trampoline

    Preliminary Essay Assignment When looking at the novel Trampoline by Robert Gipe and other sources, including our guest speakers, Shannon Elizabeth Bell, Dr. Scott, and some notes that we took in class discussing the local citizens fight for rights against the big coal companies. I see negative stereotypes, such as drug use, the lack of education, and poverty, that are often brought onto the region and Trampoline solidifies these stereotypes throughout the entire book, it adds onto the…

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  • How To Invest In A Trampoline

    Are you tired of your kids sitting around complaining about how bored they are? There are better options than just handing over your tablet and smartphone, or just turning on the TV. Kids need to get outside and play, and there is no better investment to make sure that happens than purchasing a trampoline. And if you’ve been on the fence about investing in a trampoline, you’re in luck. The Wooden Swing Co. in Dallas, TX, has announced a new overstock sale with trampolines marked down a whopping…

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  • Trampoline Research Paper

    Trampolines are fascinating contraptions. Trampoline-A sheet, usually, attached by resilient cords or springs to a horizontal frame several feet above the floor, used by acrobats and gymnasts, and is used as a spring board in tumbling. Trampolines are kind of dangerous but very fun. The way trampolines have developed over the years really shows the greatness of the human mind. Many forms of trampolines were created over time. The history of the trampoline is very interesting. The first known…

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  • Trampoline: A Short Story

    We threw the trampoline in the garbage bin. John's nose what swollen, purple, black, and many different other colors. When ever I saw him hit would scare me because I would forget he had a broken nose. Then when I would remember it would make me laugh for how stupid of an idea he had to get it. A day after we got back from the hospital I asked him if he wanted to play basketball. He wasn't to happy with me after I said that. I kept asking him over and over again if he wanted to play, he would…

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  • Creative Writing: The Trampoline

    seeing as every kid in our suburb had a trampoline and I didn’t. Trampolines and pools were quite possibly just social status symbols for parents to prop up in their backyards as a way to simultaneously say to other parents in the neighborhood, “look I have things.” But that didn’t mean anything to me when I was nine years old. When I was nine, I wanted a trampoline. During the summer months all the kids in the subdivision would go to jump on Jordan’s trampoline. Jordan lived right across…

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  • Owning A Trampoline Essay

    Did you know that you can burn 160 calories by jumping on a trampoline for only 30 minutes? It's true! Another way to look at it is that you can eat 40 plain M& M candies, jump on a trampoline for half and hour, and call it even! Trampolines are an awesome form of exercise that doesn't feel like exercise. The benefits of a trampoline go beyond calorie burning though. Therefore, I would like to ask for the special privilege of owning a trampoline. There are many reasons why I would like to…

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