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For most of us, bouncing is fun! No wonder there are plenty of trampolines everywhere. From our backyards to indoor gyms, to playgrounds, trampolines were being promoted as an efficient form of exercise for children and even adults.
Likewise, trampolines are great for engaging everyone in the family in a fun activity. However, frequent use, extreme weather conditions, liquid and chemical spillage and other physical elements contribute to the fast wear and tear of trampolines.
Once you see tearing in trampoline or damages, you should immediately fix it as soon as possible for safety concerns. This will also prevent you and the rest of the family to have trampoline-related injuries.
What to Do with Damaged Trampolines?
Trampolines could be expensive
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Should the ladder bent because of frequent use or due to storm, it is always easy to buy a new one for the replacement. Take proper measurements of the trampoline frame and purchase a ladder that is at least 15 cm longer than the frame’s height.
Padding- this one is also easier to replace by buying a new one. Just measure the diameter of the trampoline frame to order it online.

Apparently a trampoline also requires maintenance. One should invest time for inspection and a little money to keep their trampoline in good condition. If your trampoline is placed in your backyard or in the garden, expect that it can easily get damaged due to strong winds, sharp objects, changing weather and other conditions that we cannot control.
To prevent fast wearing and tearing, make sure that the trampoline is properly anchored. Larger trampolines are more prone to cuts as these are morel likely to become airborne. Good thing is, most of these damages are repairable and the parts are replaceable.
Before purchasing anything for your trampoline, just make sure that it complies with the safety standards and materials as required by the manufacturer to avoid further damage of the trampoline. We do not also want to take risk in terms of our family’s safety so better be sure than

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