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  • Jersey Devil Research Paper

    The Jersey Devil; he has the face of a goat, body of a kangaroo, legs of a crane, wings like a bat, and pig’s feet. The idea of these features mashed together just seems impossible. This bizarre creature is believed to inhabit Pine Barrens, in Southern New Jersey. How could such a strange creature come into existence? There are many different variations of the Jersey Devil legend, but the more known one tells the story of Mother Jane Leeds. Mother Leeds lived in Pine Barrens in poverty. The year 1735 came by, Mother Leeds found that she was pregnant with her 13th child. She believed this child would be the Devil’s child, and she wasn’t far off. When her baby was born, he seemed just fine. But he grew to be something strange, like something…

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  • Charles Cornwallis: The Down Fall Of The American Revolution

    Nathaniel Greene, had abandon the fort in 1776, at the beginning of the war. From Fort Lee, Cornwallis organized the British troops to force George Washington’s army into New Jersey. Once that was done Cornwallis was under the impression that he had defeated the American army. So much so that he had his baggage put on a ship to head back to England. Before setting sail to go back to England to give the news, Cornwallis got told that on Christmas day Washington’s defeated army had stormed and…

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  • The Shack Short Story

    The family was already stressed enough, what with the previous day’s 1⁄2 cm of rain draining the hills and streaming across the floor, its volume increased by the early spring melt. The poorly constructed shack had no floors but dirt that had now become mud, veined with rivulets. With no insulation and chinks in the walls, keeping a near term mother warm and dry was a full time task. The available help was a 14 year old girl and a boy just turned 11. Then there was the earthquake. Small by world…

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  • Famous Interview Questions

    open to providing information, stories, and personal experiences. The two Interviewees that were at least 25 years older than me was my mother Cathy Ruggiero, and her boyfriend Kevin Russo. For the two people that were 40-45 years older than me was My Grandmother Nancy Walker Rinaldi and My Grandfather Ralph Ruggiero. While interviewing these people I discovered many similarities and differences from various time period. They were all asked roughly the same questions with some different follow…

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  • Somerset Night Research Paper

    Top Rated Somerset, NJ Nightlife: Best Restaurants, Bars and Clubs Meta Description: Somerset, New Jersey has a great nightlife scene full with excellent restaurants and bars. Meta Keywords: Somerset restaurants, Dining in Somerset, Somerset bars, Nightlife in Somerset Somerset’s Top Restaurants and Bars Somerset, New Jersey, located near the center of the state, has its own special nightlife scene. With great, unpretentious restaurants serving great food with the level of gracious…

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  • The New England Region

    New Jersey and Delaware. Even though the Middle region was founded by the Dutch, New Jersey was a Swedish settlement. In 1664, England sent an army to capture New Netherland. Their governor surrendered and by 1674 England was in full control. The king of England at the time, gave the land of New Netherland to his brother the Duke of York. From then on it became known as New York, and New Amsterdam also became New York. The Duke of York gave some of his land to his friends George Carteret…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Join, Or Die: A Famous Political Cartoon

    Join, or Die is a famous political cartoon; the picture was drawn by Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. This original drawing that was published by the Gazette is the earliest recognized symbolic representation of the colonial unification produced by a British colonist in America. The cartoon above shows a snake dissected into eight pieces. Each piece is labeled with the name of one of the colonies. The position of each colony in the pictured snake…

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  • Camden Emergency Management

    Although Camden, New Jersey has a substandard reputation regarding high crime and few financial assets, surprisingly, there are several means of transportation in and out of the city. In terms of the main access routes in and out of Camden, NJ, the primary roads are county route (Rte) 30, state Rte 168, state Rte 676, Federal St (county Rte 537), Broadway St (county rte 551), Atlantic Ave (county), River Rd (county), Ferry Ave (county Rte 603), and State St (county rte 601) (City of Camden…

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  • Compare And Contrast The New England, Chesapeake And Southern Colonies

    These colonies had twice the amount of population to the New England, Chesapeake and Middle Atlantic colonies. Slaves were a large portion of the population and also made up the labor force in the Southern Colonies. The Carolina’s were founding when King Charles the II regain the throne in Britain. The southern portion of Carolina was founded first, and the cultivation of rice here became profitable. South Carolina also gets the first major importation of slaves. As for the northern portion of…

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  • England's Ruling System

    Mason and Gorges divided the land in 1629, Mason taking New Hampshire and Gorges taking Maine. In the 1640s, Massachusetts got too big for it’s britches and took control of New Hampshire, then parts of Maine in the 1650s. Judges ruled against Massachusetts in 1979, so New Hampshire became a royal colony. Maine was incorporated into Massachusetts in 1691. After New York was claimed for the English, the land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers was given to two men, Sir George Carteret and…

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