My Mother Nancy Walker Rinaldi And My Grandfather Ralph Ruggiero

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The four people that needed to be interviewed I found great candidates that were open to providing information, stories, and personal experiences. The two Interviewees that were at least 25 years older than me was my mother Cathy Ruggiero, and her boyfriend Kevin Russo. For the two people that were 40-45 years older than me was My Grandmother Nancy Walker Rinaldi and My Grandfather Ralph Ruggiero. While interviewing these people I discovered many similarities and differences from various time period. They were all asked roughly the same questions with some different follow up questions to expand on the original answer.
The first interview was with Catherine Rinaldi Ruggiero. Cathy is a 51 year old female born in 1965, In West Orange, New Jersey.
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When Cathy was asked what it was like to go on a first date she didn’t have much to say. Cathy had dated My father Lenny Ruggiero during high school and later got married. She explained some of her first first dates varied, “When dad took me out for the first time, he took me to the ice cream parlor. Some of my other first dates we went out to parties or hung with friends.” the man would always pay, the women weren 't expected to pay on the dates.
When Kevin used to date he had many different experiences that he encountered. There wasn 't much information about the person other than what you know from friends or at school. There wasn 't social media to gather information about the person before going on a date and you couldn 't have conversations via text message to learn about each other. He spoke about what the typical date would be when he was younger, “A typical date was a movie, dinner then maybe a walk having a drink after the movie”. Friends would set up blind dates where it would be the first time meeting the person. There was a chance of wishing it was over the moment you met the person. The man was expected to pick up their date and pay for the event or
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Her parents had taken classes in college but never graduated. She said she asked them on their opinion if she should go to college,“ when I asked them if I’m suppose to go to college they said yes, if you think it will be beneficial for you, They weren 't exactly helpful with my decision”. College wasn 't a must for her parents but thought it would benefit her. Cathy spoke to her male guidance counselor about her options for a college education, “he told me that i’m a girl and should be a teacher or a nurse, I graduated high school 1983 and many girls were encouraged a stay home

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