Charles Cornwallis: The Down Fall Of The Revolutionary War

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In 1775 the Revolutionary War started. The main reason of this was that New England wanted to break away from England’s government. The British Commander Charles Cornwallis was the one to go to battle at York town against the American commander George Washington. On the way to York town, Cornwallis had to overcome many other battles that he won. In my opinion commander Charles Cornwallis, could easily have been the down fall of the American Revolution with all of his previous expedients and great skill in battels.
The American Revolution started on April 19, 1775 and ended eight years later on September 3, 1783. The main reason was that America wanted their independence from England. The American colonist believed Britain was unfairly taxing them to pay
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Cornwallis was under the command of General Sir William Howe at the time. With Cornwallis’s leadership helped in forcing George Washington’s army out of New York . On their way to George’s army, Cornwallis took over Fort Lee. American Major General Nathaniel Greene, had abandon the fort in 1776, at the beginning of the war. From Fort Lee, Cornwallis organized the British troops to force George Washington’s army into New Jersey. Once that was done Cornwallis was under the impression that he had defeated the American army. So much so that he had his baggage put on a ship to head back to England. Before setting sail to go back to England to give the news, Cornwallis got told that on Christmas day Washington’s defeated army had stormed and trapped the entire garrison in Trenton, New Jersey . General Howes order Cornwallis to lead the British forces to New Jersey and march to Trenton. It was at this moment that Cornwallis knew that this war was far from over and that the American Generals were not going to give up easily. This was going to be a long war for both the British and the

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