How Revolutionary Was The American Revolution Essay

But they needed to make money so they tried to get the colonies to pay taxes. To this was followed by a series of other rules that the only effect they had, was to incite (even more) the Americans even more. A clear example of this would be the Navigation Acts (1651), the Sugar Act (1764) and the Stamp Act (1765). These laws sometimes were not respected, and had a great opposition among the colonists. By the year of 1770, groups of colonists like the Patriots and Sons of Liberty (of Boston) expressed their opinions and became more popular. After the Boston Tea Party (1773) Britain passed the Intolerable Acts. Born in 1774 the Continental Congress was formed by representatives of the colonists.
When the war started, the American Army was leaded by the General George Washington. This turned out to be a great choice. Washington won (and lost) a series of battles, including the final one against the British General Cornwallis (1781).
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This included new ideas with great support among the colonists in general. Since gave to the ordinary people, a series of inalienable rights.
In 1777 the General von Steuben and the French helped the American Army. They also have support of Spain.
By the year of 1783 America had won the absolute independence of Britain.
There were many reasons for which the Americans won their independency. Support from countries like France and Spain was fundamental, regardless of their political intentions. However, the decisive factor, that made the Americans won, were the colonists and their desire to have their own rights. This is demonstrated, by showing the crucial importance that had organizations like The Patriots, Sons of Liberty and The Continental Congress. This patriotism is expressed until

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