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  • 'Crowd Sourcing In Cathy Davidson's Project Classroom Makeover'

    After reading the chapter “Project Classroom Makeover”, readers may have spotted that expert knowledge and collective knowledge, as well as crowd sourcing, were mentioned in the story, and more importantly, were being labeled as two completely different forms of knowledge acquisition that are in constant battle with each other. In fact, Cathy Davidson, the author of the story, stated how “crowd sourcing is suspicious of expertise, because the more expert we are, the more likely we are to be limited in what we even conceive to be the problem, let alone the answer” (Davidson 51). Basically, she is trying to communicate the idea that crowd sourcing is the better alternative to expertise on a given problem. Collaboration with different people and different ways of thinking generally has higher success rates to solving common problems than having one or more experts try to handle a problem that does not concern them greatly individually. The moment expertise is brought into the matter is the moment where the problem grows into something much worse than what the “problem solvers” started out with. This is largely due to this situation where people are now relying on knowledge originating from a single source as opposed to multiple sources with varying levels of credibility and useful ideas on the case at hand. In theory, this could have been more efficient in solving the problem had the expert not try to step in and take over the team, or get placed in charge and put the members of…

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  • The Five Phases Of Herbert Simon Decision Theory Model

    2. Herbert Simon Decision Theory Model : When a manager makes a decision, it is, in effect, the organisation's response to a problem. As such, a decision should be thought of as a means rather than an end. Every decision is the outcome of a dynamic, process which is influenced by multiple forces. However. what are the different stages of this process, there is no unanimity. Herbert Simon, an expert on decision making has proposed three phases of decision making intelligence, design, and choice.…

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  • Herbert Simon Bounded Rational Theory Case Study

    Linking cash transfer to Herbert Simon’s bounded rational theory (Group component): The government of India had actually three policy choices to be made - Policy 1- whether to completely go for cash transfer for all the social welfare programs (including for food distribution). Policy 2- whether to continue with the existing “in kind” subsidies and no cash transfer. Policy 3- whether to partially go for cash transfer for some benefits like scholarship, old age pension etc and continue…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Sunflower By Simon Wiesenthal

    author of The Sunflower, Simon Wiesenthal, went through a sentimental battle. He was a Jew in the Holocaust, while working one day he was taken by a nurse to meet a SS Nazi soldier who was close to death. This SS Nazi soldier surprisingly told Wiesenthal, a Jew in the Holocaust, about all the crimes and death he has done and then he asked for forgiveness for all the people he has killed or potentially hurt. The author Wiesenthal never replied to the plea for forgiveness. Instead, he remained…

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  • Maria Vasquez: A Case Study

    such as shapes, colors, animals, food, school items, clothing, and community workers. One picture will be in Spanish and the other will be in English. Maria can then read the Spanish and English together in order to help her read and practice speaking English. As Maria is able to read them with ease then the words will be covered and Maria will have to label them herself in English. This is a game that can be played at home to help Maria learn to read and speak English. To help Maria with…

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  • Anne Sexton Her Kind Analysis

    The poem “Her Kind,” written by Anne Sexton, is like a walk down the speaker’s memory lane; a dark and twisted memory lane. Anne Sexton, an American poet, was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1938 and at a point in her life she suffered from a mental breakdown; and eventually committed suicide (815). Sexton’s poem is written about the speaker’s past self and experiences; we could assume that the speaker of the poem is actually her. The speaker is reminiscing on many of the things that she has…

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  • The Sunflower Simon Wiesenthal Analysis

    Simon Wiesenthal’s memoir, The Sunflower, told the story of Simon when he was trapped in a concentration camp. During his time in the camp, he was told to make a decision of forgiving a SS officer. An officer who Wiesenthal was contributing to his daily torture. Instead of verbally saying he forgave Karl, Simon implied his forgiveness by staying silent. I agree with Wiesenthal’s actions because I have relatable instances from my life that make it understandable. Such as, my parent’s divorce and…

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  • Evil In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

    Robert even ‘“stabilized the thing [the sow] in a phrase that was received uproariously. ‘Right up her ass!”’ (135). This violent and unnecessary action shows that evil is present in even the most innocent and civilized people. Also, when Ralph calls for a meeting to discuss about the beast, Simon says, “‘Maybe it’s [the beast] only us [the boys]?’” (89), which also shows that evil is within the boys who were once very innocent and civilized. After the Lord of the Flies is created, Simon…

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  • Simon's Death In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

    This scene can be likened to an event in the bible, which is where Jesus Christ feeds five thousand people with a few loaves of bread and some fish. Simon is often regarded as a prophet or even a saint like figure. He thinks of things in a different way, Simon is the only one with a real view of the 'Beast'. He has a considerable strength of mind but is frail of body. He enters the book fainting, something that he seems to do regularly and he suffers from epilepsy or some similar…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Behavioural Analysis

    boys stay on the island the worse their natural habits become and therefore their instincts become more evil as they start to believe there is a beast. They believe the beast can shapeshift into anything causing them to go crazy and killing what they might believe is the beast. As Simon says around the middle of the novel, “Maybe we are the beast” (96). It’s ironic because around the time there instincts start to get out of hand,…

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