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  • Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945 Summary

    Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945, by Ronald Eller explores the devastation of traditional culture and land use in the Appalachian region at the hands of the coal industry and local, state, and federal leaders and policy makers. His perspective comes from one that separates growth from development and is highly critical of efforts to force Appalachia into a national economic model that is not aligned with the regions unique historical situations. After briefly setting the stage in the Civil War and the immediate years following, Eller focuses on modernization efforts preceding the 1930s depression and revitalization efforts that began during World War II. Eller makes the argument that industrialization and an expanding market economy altered Appalachian land use and social relations as early as the Civil War. During the years leading up to the Great Depression residents attempted to return to an earlier way of life that involved farming and strong family ties. This led to former residents of Appalachia who had left the mountains for jobs that had fallen victim to the Depression returning home and increasing the population. Eller estimates a 30% population increase in Knox County, Kentucky in the 1930s. Many Appalachians who returned to the mountains found closed mines and mills and turned to government work programs and public assistance.…

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  • Appalachi A Sub-Cultural Analysis

    Throughout this course we’ve examined Appalachia as a separate and distinct region within the United States. The question of whether it’s a subculture or a colony is rather muddy at best. The Oxford Dictionary defines subculture as: “A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture”. While this is true of Appalachia to some degree, the problem lies within its geographical area and the large number of subcultures that live in…

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  • Restriction And Underdevelopment In The Appalachian Workplace

    about the run addressed relationship with the classrooms, spots to vote, work places, welfare working situations which condition the show of those depicted as penniless people in the mountains. I likewise don 't know much about the social event with whom they have the most direct contact with but the mountain working class is ordinarily seen as a social extension between the country group and mass society. The guardian of the last past years took as much time as is required and put in the work…

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  • Folk Medicine Impact On Modern Medicine

    lived in places like the Appalachia. Folklore Medicine is a tradition that shares ideas and common…

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  • Appalachian English Dialect Analysis

    The Appalachian English (AE) dialect has changed over time. AE developed in the 1700s when Scottish-Irish immigrants settled in the cheap, mountainous territory that makes up the Appalachian Mountains. Isolated from the outside world for centuries, the Appalachian people spoke a distinct dialect that became known as AE. Unique features characterize the speech in Appalachia; the use of these features is fading as the area becomes less isolated. Migration and advances in technology have played…

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  • Appalachia Stereotypes

    From the businessmen of New York to the moonshiners of Virginia, Appalachia, through Jeff Biggers book The United States of Appalachia, and a personal interview with Steven Ridley, proves to be a diverse region that is littered with stereotypes, both good and bad. One of the best ways to understand the stereotypes of Appalachia is by looking at a primary source, such as The United States of Appalachia by Jeff Biggers. The book provides an in-depth look at a variety of topics involving…

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  • Folk Medicine In Appalachia

    When I moved to North Carolina nearly two years ago, I had an awakening. This was not a feeling I could simply ignore; the awakening came from the spirits of these mountains. Some people have strong connections to the earth beneath our toes, particularly to the spirit that rests here in Appalachia. Living at the beach, with a coastal vegetation, there was not an astonishing amount of biodiversity like we see here in Appalachia. These mountains provide a welcoming landscape for nearly one hundred…

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  • Hydrocodone Abuse In Appalachia

    indicates that the drug is more addictive than everyone thought it would ever be. Hydrocodone is only one of the many prescription drugs that are being abused in the Appalachian region. The prescription drug alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax also is abused in Appalachia. Alprazolam is an anti- anxiety medication that belongs to a group of drugs called Benzodiazepines, which is best known for acting on the brain and central nerve system to create…

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  • Service Project Reflection

    This summer I attended Appalachia Service Project, and it taught me many life lessons. Appalachia Service Project is a mission trip that serves the Appalachia region. This trip taught me that you need to be grateful for what you have, that there are so many people that care about me and that one small action can change a person’s whole life. The trip taught me more than I ever imagined it would have. While on Appalachia Service Project, we would service the people in need. These people were…

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  • Racial Factors And Stereotypes In The Hunger Games

    When the book opens we are given visualization into futuristic Appalachia, now known as District 12. It is nicknamed The Seam, a town of cinder streets with squat gray houses. The men and women are mostly coal miners. The district was recently stricken by a mining explosion which took the life of the main character, Katniss’s, father. With District 12 in a food shortage the main mean for food is illegal hunting done by Katniss, and her best friend, Gale. This comparison of the…

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