Appalachian culture

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  • Cultural Diversity In Appalachian Culture

    professional providing services to a particular area is it important to know and understand the culture of the community being served. It is also just as equally important to have a grasp of the area's culture as this will explain why the area has the traditions and beliefs it has. Also by having a understanding of the culture ensures the community, as a professional, the service provider has an interest in the people of the community. For professionals it is about gaining the community's respect which in turn will better the professional's ability to work with the client in meeting his or her needs. History The immigrants came to the Appalachian Region either in search of land at cheaper prices or to get away from the…

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  • The Appalachian Culture

    Appalachia is a culture within itself created by individuals looking to get away from a more structural environmnet set with rules and limits. The individuals who set out to move into the Appalachian Region did so in order to have more privacy and be left alone. The Appalachian Region gave protection to anyone wanting to be alone and live life his or her way. Unfortunately, those wanting to live this way were looked at as barbarick which created labels like poor and uneducated. Those outside the…

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  • Appalachi A Sub-Cultural Analysis

    Throughout this course we’ve examined Appalachia as a separate and distinct region within the United States. The question of whether it’s a subculture or a colony is rather muddy at best. The Oxford Dictionary defines subculture as: “A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture”. While this is true of Appalachia to some degree, the problem lies within its geographical area and the large number of subcultures that live in…

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  • The North Carolina Blue Ridge Heritage Trails

    coast, North Carolina is a state that has an extensive variety of traditional music. The main research focus is on the historic, geographic and musical aspects of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachian Trail passes through western North Carolina, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain range. Throughout the section of Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, there have been “trails” made, one highlighting the music of that region, and another, the…

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  • Folk Medicine Impact On Modern Medicine

    In fact, these misinterpretations are uninformed opinions, since Appalachian folks did not have access to other alternative medication and were pushed to find solution for their own problems. In the encyclopedia of Folk Medicine, it suggested that “The answer lies in the eye of the beholder: to some it is an old granny with chicken soup stories, to others it is a heap of medical customs, taboos, superstitions and sometimes plain, sheer ignorance” (Collins, Folk Medicine). Folk medicine is…

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  • Stereotypes In The Film October Sky

    In terms of the word Appalachia there are both positive and negative connotations. There have been many stereotypes made about the Appalachian region. The positive ones are uplifting and speak about the culture. While the negative one talk about stereotypes that can be seen as offensive today. One stereotype that hurt the Appalachian region is that of how the area lacks education. Outsiders of the Appalachian region tend to believe these stereotypes, and the life of an Appalachian tends to…

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  • Character Analysis: A Walk In The Woods

    Disconnect from Nature The problem in our society is the disconnect from nature. Many Americans are uncultured in the wild world of untamed wilderness, thus must explore outside the civilized world of home. Nature is all around us and for many Americans nature is something that has not been experienced. With the lack of understanding nature, poor health has become a way of life for many. In the book A Walk In the Woods by Bill Bryson, two men set off on the Application Trail. The Appalachian…

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  • Restriction And Underdevelopment In The Appalachian Workplace

    I decided I wanted to bolster the Appalachian name and establishment. Be that as it may, I would love to bolster the guiltless individuals on standby through the misery of their homes. It’s not hard to notice and realize that there is a major distinction amongst qualities and Environment in the Appalachian. Since the late nineteenth century, there has constantly been a reason behind Appalachian neediness and the backwardness and why they are named as the poor class of mountain livers along with…

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  • Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945 Summary

    Uneven Ground: Appalachia Since 1945, by Ronald Eller explores the devastation of traditional culture and land use in the Appalachian region at the hands of the coal industry and local, state, and federal leaders and policy makers. His perspective comes from one that separates growth from development and is highly critical of efforts to force Appalachia into a national economic model that is not aligned with the regions unique historical situations. After briefly setting the stage in the Civil…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Worst Part Of My Life

    before. I genuinely wish this had been the case my entire life, but that is just not true. When I first began my college career, I felt adrift in a world that was rapidly maturing without me. I excelled in the classes I enjoyed, and coasted with minimal effort in those I found less appealing, assuming that I continued to go at all. My friends were contemplating the classes which would propel them into their careers, while I reflected upon the pervasive feeling of adolescence which others seemed…

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