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  • Appeal Of Emotion Essay

    Appeal of Emotion The appeal of emotion, otherwise known as pathos, is used to connect with the audience in a more emotional level and is used to capitalize on specific events that the author is trying to speak about. Pathos can be used on any emotion, and is often used to make things relatable with the audience so they feel a certain pull towards the subject being talked about. Although pathos is powerful and important when it comes to rhetoric, it can be misused, which is suggested by Kendra Gayle Lee, Jessica McKee, and Megan McIntyre (2012), authors of the Writing Commons book, Pathos, “Relying too much on pathos, though, can make your writing sound like an after-school special.” (Lee, McKee & McIntyre, 2012) Manipulation of emotion within speech…

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  • Pathos And Huctics In Mark Antony's Speech In Julius Caesar

    specially sarcasm. Mark Antony uses pathos and exaggeration to create powerful rhetoric and to connect with the human emotions of the plebeians. In his funeral speech Mark Antony uses tactics that better relate to human nature and better connect with the plebeians rather than Brutus who tries to appeal to logic…

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  • Food Inc Documentary

    ways. Director Robert Kenner and the cast of Food, Inc. enlightened many Americans by producing this documentary. Director Robert Kenner successfully enlightened the audience of Food, Inc. on America’s corporate controlled food industry and how the audience can make a change through the use of logos, pathos, and ethos and appeals to emotion (Kenner, 2008). During the opening scene of the movie, facts are thrown down the audience’s throat ranging from how many products grocery stores sell on…

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  • Analysis Of Judith Jevis Thomson's Article, A Defense Of Abortion

    of the mother. Noonan uses strong sources of evidence that appeal to logic. He uses many statistics that continue helping him defend his position and build a stronger argument. Some of these include “200,000,000… single ejaculate of which one has a chance of developing into a zygote” (1970, P. 100). This refers to an appeal of logos because he provides his reasons using statistics demonstrating how a certain quantity of sperm has a higher probability that can lead to creating a new form of…

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  • The Shocking Radicalism Of Amanda Babich's Article

    She knows how to puts a sentence together that will make you think about what you read on a moral level (Marcotte n. pag.). She knows when to appeal to certain emotions throughout her article to build off of those feelings. Comparing this to Babich’s article where he doesn’t use emotions as well as Marcotte. His emotional appeals weren’t as well constructed as Marcotte’s. The strongest element for Babich was his analyzation. He analyzed his evidence wonderfully every time he could and…

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  • Calvin And Hobbes The Voice Of The Lonely Child Analysis

    Writing a persuasive essay can be done in various ways. In Libby Hill’s essay “Calvin and Hobbes: The Voice of the Lonely Child”, she uses methods such as emotional appeal and testimony to connect to her readers. In Melissa Rubin’s essay, “Advertisements R Us”, she uses a very different approach as to how she persuades her reader. Rubin concentrates on logical appeal and historical facts to prove her claims. Both of these essays present reasonable arguments in different techniques as to what…

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  • Fallacies In Hoops Dreams

    receive a sponsor for the rest of his tuition. For Arthur’s case, he was wasn’t providing good enough results because he wasn’t physically growing unlike his teammates which deemed him unworthy enough. On the other hand, William Gates was given this opportunity and went on to excel as a basketball player. Another instance an illogical fallacy was used was Coach Gene told Arthur that he would do whatever it takes to get them into the best college possible if they blindly followed his directions.…

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  • Analysis Of Shirley Chiisholm's Equal Rights

    Chisolm wished to achieve rights for everyone but ironically the speech was effective mostly for the 1960s time period. While the equal rights bill has been received and adopted, women as well as various races, do not have the rights that should be considered equal. Rights In conclusion, Aristotle’s rhetorical theory of artistic proof made it possible for Chisholm to persuade congress to pass the equal rights amendment. Her smooth transition into each appeal, usage of tone, diction, further…

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  • My Mother Never Worked Rhetorical Devices

    that discards or disregards housewives ' hard work. The purpose of this essay to relay the life of the writer 's mother so that readers can realize how hard a housewife really works, as opposed to the stereotypical belittlement that comes with being a housewife. The author effectively uses dialogue, flashbacks and irony to convey how women, especially housewives great efforts are disregarded. Bonnie Smith-Yackel effectively uses dialogue to highlight that housewives hard work is belittled or…

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  • Analysis Of Student Loans Pack Surprising Benefits By Katy Hopkins

    Argument Analyzes In the article Student Loans Pack Surprising Benefits written Katy Hopkins, Hopkins says college debt may not be necessarily a bad thing if students borrow an amount that they can afford to finish a four-year college degree. Hopkins thinks students should take advantages of student loans because there are many benefits that students should experience while they’re still in school. In Hopkins’ article, she explains four benefits of taking out loans to get a higher education and…

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