Food Inc Documentary

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Food, Inc. is a 2008 documentary directed by Robert Kenner. Food, Inc. introduces unaware Americans of the topic of America’s corporate controlled food industry. Food, Inc. highlights how fast food has encouraged a huge growth in the production of food which resulted in food safety becoming a second thought. Food, Inc. illustrates the importance of consuming healthy and non-contaminated food. With factories becoming larger due to the increase in need for food faster, industries are finding any possible short cuts. These short cuts led to worse treatment for animals. The documentary shown a light on the horrible treatment that was going on in chicken farms, pig and cow confinements. In the chicken farms, chickens were typically submerged in …show more content…
Barbara Kowalcyk told her story for Food, Inc. to show how important food safety is by demonstrating how the failure of food safety can led to dreadful consequences. After the death of her child, Barbara Kowalcyk went on to fight for food safety and attempted to establish Kevin’s Law(CFI, 2015). After Barbara Kowalcyk told her devastating story, the documentary highlighted how easily different types of E.coli travel throughout farming areas. Cows are kept in close courtiers and typically standing in their own feces, therefor if one cow has E.coli, they all can easily contract it. Kenner also successfully used pathos when he causes the audience to feel guilt towards the horrible treatment animals face in slaughter houses by showing how chickens, pigs, and cows are treated. The animals are treated horribly and when watching the movie, one feels as though it is their fault. Remorse and tears are cried over the guilt that the audience feels from witnessing the horrendous treatment animals face due to America’s need for food (Kenner,

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