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  • Native American Tribe

    Native Americans By~ Amal Banani There are many Native American tribes. Each has lived a life being judged by or misunderstood by. No tribe is kindred, each has a different way to survive. Native Americans have many kindred attributes and several differences. One of the many tribes is the Inuit. The Inuit {meaning The People} live in Alaska and Northern Canada, and in Arctic areas, where the temperature is below freezing most of the time. They live in igloos composed out of snow, ice, or animal skins. They additionally live in yurts and tents, but they mostly live in igloos. The Inuit were unable to farm because of the cold tundra climate, so they mostly lived on meat and hunting animals. The Inuit were…

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  • Pawnee: Native American Tribe

    Did you know that Pawnee are known. for their beautiful hide paintings, pottery and woven baskets. And Pawnee was known for other stuff like there location. facts and traditions. They are a native American tribe. This is about Pawnees location. They had to hunt mostly Buffalo because that was the common food source for there area. The Pawnee could be found along the Platte river and the Republican river which is known as Nebraska. The Pawnee were forced to move to Oklahoma in 1800 and…

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  • Native American Tribe Beliefs

    Of the many Native American tribes that lived in Oklahoma were the Cheyenne tribe. They settled in present-day Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. They were farmers along the Sheyenne River valley. Therefore, they were able to settle in villages and develop a somewhat civilized culture. The Cheyenne tribe holds a great legacy and culture that still exists today (Alchin). After the move westward by the French to the Great Plains, their culture had…

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  • Native American Tribe Research Paper

    Customs. Attitudes. Beliefs. Native American tribes always told their legends in ways that made them differ from each other. Thirty years before the English colonist settled here into what is now the United States there were many different Native American tribes that lived and inhibited this place we now call home. Although, there were many Native American tribes living in this country, they all differed from each other, but at the same time they did had some things in common. Many Native…

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  • Native American Experience: The Chickasaw Tribe

    Jaime Jo US History 2 Ms. Bruno Native American Experience Chickasaw Tribe The Chickasaw tribes are said to be descended from a story of brothers, Chisca and Chacta. These people were known as “Flat Heads” because of their custom of the flattening of skulls of children in which they would put weight on their heads. Chickasaw lived around the northeastern area of Mississippi of the Tombigbee River. But as more settlers moved to North America, they were forced to move to Oklahoma.…

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  • Native American Tribe: The Sioux Indians

    The Sioux Indians A Native American tribe that has been glorified throughout the years with some events that have been place in history.We’re going to be talking about the origin of the Sioux Indians.We’ll also be looking back at the events that made Sioux what they are today. Ultimately I'm going to be breaking down Sioux and what exactly is Sioux,what had made them so special.So let’s begin! Sioux Indians were a group of Native Americans in the early days of America.They…

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  • Huichol Tribe In Native American Culture

    Midwestern tribes such as, (), that are indigenous to North America have been utilizing peyote for its spiritual and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Peyote usage is deeply embedded into the culture and religion of many Midwestern Native American groups, one of the best of these examples coming from the Huichol tribe who live in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in central-western Mexico. Although Huichol is what they are generally referred to as in the general scientific community as…

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  • Native American Delaware Tribe Culture

    The objects that I were assigned were the Bandolier bag from the Native American Delaware Tribe, and the Painted elk hide from the Easter Shoshone tribe. Bandolier bags were extremely popular among most Native American tribes, and each tribe expressed their culture through them in a different way. This particular Bandolier bag comes from the Delaware, or Lenape, Tribe. It is estimated that it was created around 1850 C.E., and is crafted with beads on leather hide. This object has two components…

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  • The Iroquois Tribe: Group Of Native Americans

    The Iroquois tribe was composed of five different tribes in the 17th century. This qroup of Native Americans was considered the strongest tribe of indigenous people. Originally the group included, Mowhawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and the Seneca Indians. When the Europeans came over, they learned many things from the tribes. This gives away to the reason that the Iroquois fought mostly with the British. The Iriquois Induans were used to teach how to grow crops, hunt, how to live on the land, and…

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  • The Cheyenne Paragraph: Powerful, Resourceful Native American Indian Tribe

    Cheyenne Paragraph The Cheyenne were a powerful,resourceful Native American Indian tribe.They often allied with Sioux and Arapaho.The Cheyenne settled along the Missouri River near the Mandan and Arikara tribes.The most Famous chiefs in the Cheyenne tribe included Dull Knife,Chief Roman Nose and Morning Star.There are a band of warriors called the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.They were extremely courageous and fight to their death to protect their people. They migrated west across the Mississippi…

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