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  • Women's Role In Biddeford History

    In Biddeford there have been women that were well- known in many different ways, from a journalist, to mayors, to a woman who created a women's association in Biddeford. Although this person may not have done any of these things or is the most famous or well known woman in Biddeford history, she is someone I have looked up to every single day since I was born, my mom, Kerry Mariello. Although she didn't have as large impact on Biddeford history with her actions as others, she is just as inspiring and holds some of the same skills as those who did. This is why I believe she should belong in the same category as these amazing other Biddeford women. My mom was a great athlete in her time and is currently a great coach today, earning her a spot…

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  • 60 Minutes Documentary Analysis

    problem. The problem was the process in regards to how the story was made. Another SPJ code of ethics that was broken by Mapes was avoiding conflicts of interest that were real or perceived. The review panel in “Truth” had a suspicion of why a liberal journalist would not question or verify information given to her, especially when it could hurt the president and further support her story. That was not the only situation that made the panel skeptical. One of the defects stated in the report was…

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  • Melodies Of The Minds Essay

    into the brotherhood the lyrics speak of. He was taken to prison over one year ago now, and we also had a final goodbye, but the time has felt as if it has been a millennia. Whenever I needed him, he would be there, and we went through many adventures together. Every time the song plays, whether it be radio or iPod, he always reappears in my head and I wonder how he is continuing within his life. He may not be in a better place as the song says, but I cannot wait to see him again because…

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  • George Bush 9/11 Rhetorical Analysis

    Americans had to deal with and because of these and future events that were to happen, Americans would vote for a candidate they felt knew could take care of the country during times of chaos and crisis but also show strength on a global stage. John Kerry’s campaign ad has a pathos and ethos appeal that was strong enough to compel voters enough to switch their vote from Bush to Kerry. In the ad, John Kerry states that America should be “stronger at home, respected in the world” and goes on to…

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  • Costco Risk Assessment

    Costco Wholesale Corporation, which is a wholesale giant in the United States. The primary intention of this report is to highlight the basic organizational location and financial information, along with the computing and network infrastructure details to help layout the detailed structure of an Information Technology (IT) risk assessment report. As part of the risk assessment report, the key elements emphasized are the threats and vulnerabilities that are possible in the current system and…

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  • Importance Of Chattel Slavery

    As English settlers became more desperate for someone to work the land in the newly settled Jamestown, they quickly realized that using the Natives was not an option. The opportunity to use blacks as servants was an obvious choice, as they were already known to be slaves. (Zinn 10) Now, the question of how did they reconcile emergent chattel slavery with Christian precepts is an interesting one. Zinn references a letter written by the Catholic priest Father Sandoval asking the Church if the…

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  • Assimilation Through Education Essay

    Education through Assimilation After the American Civil War, why did the American government feel the need to place Indian children of the Pacific Northwest in government run schools in order to make these native children fit into the American society? In the essay “Assimilation through Education: Indian Boarding Schools in the Pacific Northwest” by Carolyn Marr, she described the educational plight of Indian children from the 1880’s to the 1920’s. The United States government felt that…

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  • Equalizing School Funding

    school funding system was unconstitutional; however, after thirteen years, “the fight for adequate school funding in Ohio never truly ended” (B.Y.U. 132) This is because the legislatures see school funding as a sensitive topic. They are afraid to get involved because they want to maintain your political position. If they speak out for or against change, they may get voted out of office. While politicians are trying to avoid the complex topic, lawsuits continue to be filed which illustrate the…

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  • Federal Versus State: Federal Vs. State

    Federal Versus State Many different aspects of governments go through power struggles, but sometimes it is which government itself is more powerful. The struggle between Federal Government and the state has existed since colonization. Both often feel that one should have more power than the other, but also are unsure which one does in fact have more power. Several events and documents have changed these standings over time in many different ways. One of the first documents created that gave…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electoral College

    Did you know that the United States is technically classified as a Republic, not a Democracy? The Electoral College is what separates the United States from being a Democracy and keeps the country in a state of a Republic. It is a voting system in which popular vote is not used to elect presidents, but instead uses votes from representatives of the state. The popular vote may be overruled by the Electoral College votes. The Electoral College system was established in the constitution in order to…

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