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  • Coney Dog Research Paper

    Inquiry Question: How is the Coney dog so Iconic in Detroit? New York Coney is known for their hot dogs. But Soon in the early 1900s immigrants started to move to Detroit and brought the dog with them. Since then, they became the signature dish of the motor city. Growing up in Detroit, everyone knew what a coney dog was and loved them. I was four years old when I had the pleasure of eating my first coney dog at the Coney Island in Comerica Park. I remember the first bite; it was so good. The hot dog was cooked perfectly, the nice warm bun and hot chili kept the hot dog nice and warm and the mustard and onions give it a sharper type of tast and it’s just a perfect combination. Ever since that day everytime I go to a Coney, I always order a nice and delicious coney dog. At a young age I realized that Coney Dogs are a big Detroit thing and means a lot to the city. How did the coney dog get so iconic in Detroit? The Coney Dog could have never been a thing in Detroit without the help of William “Bill” and Constantine “Gust” Keros. In 1919 the two brothers open a coney downtown called American Coney Island. It was great timing to open Detroit was becoming the automotive capital of the world and need a fast place to grab lunch. It was essential for a booming…

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  • Psychosis In Hamlet

    Consider Hamlet’s ascent into madness a roller coaster climbing up its first hill, gaining energy that is just waiting to unleash itself. Once the last car reaches its peak, the entire coaster speeds through the tracks with a whirlwind of kinetic energy and will not stop until outside forces cause it to do so. Confident within his mind, thrill-seeking Hamlet enjoys his ride with manifestation while still experiencing immense strife. Psychosis appears in Hamlet due to brief psychotic disorder,…

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  • John Kasson's Amusing The Million

    that was developing in the United States. He uses the development and culture of New York’s Coney Island as his main catalyst to define the changes people were going through at the time. The late 1800s and early 1900s really served as a great time of change in the United States. The coherent set of values that were prevalent throughout the 1800s were beginning to change and people were beginning to…

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  • Amusement Parks

    most popular attractions at the Columbian Exposition was a midway consisting of restaurants, shops, belly dancers, theaters, and a giant wheel designed by George W. Ferris (Baughman et al., 2001). The concept of the amusement park was born. One of the first major amusement parks in the United State was Jones’s Wood in New York City, which hosted such attractions as billiards, bowling, and donkey rides (Baughman et al., 2001). These tame attractions soon made way for more exciting…

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  • Coney Island Essay

    Coney Island, located in New York, is in the city that never sleeps. It’s a peninsular neighborhood, with various attractions near Brooklyn. Thousands of people inhabit it and it has wildly diverse cultures within its community, and always associated with its main attractions, the beaches and the amusement parks. Over time, it has continued to develop culturally and politically and physical through various projects by the community. The name itself established over time, Coney Island, was…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Joy Of Amusement Parks

    Imagine this, you are standing in line to the world’s largest roller coaster. Your stomach is tying itself in knots just watching other people go up and down, back and forth, and upside down. You can hear them shrieking with every loop in the ride and you cannot wait to experience it for yourself. The want to get the endorphins rushing through your body, it is a natural high. This roller coaster is only an example of one way to get that natural high. For me, I search for anything crazy to allow…

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  • Amusing The Million Essay

    early nineteenth century, America was strictly guided by certain values. American culture at this time felt a formal set of leisure activities enhanced society and stifled any deviant behavior. Structure and limiting cultural activities were about to see a change. Although the elite made an effort to change leisure time, American recreation was going to have a revolution in a sense. An amusement park called, Coney Island was a part of the revolution against genteel culture. John Kasson in his…

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  • Can Life Be Like A Roller Coaster Analysis

    "Life can be like a roller coaster...and just when you think you've had enough, and you're ready to get off the ride and take the calm, easy merry-go change your mind, throw your hands in the air and ride the roller coaster all over again", says Stacey Charter. Most of us has been on a roller coaster one way or another. We feel the moment when we know we are up in the air and the next moment we fall down to the very bottom, just to go right-back up again. Now the ups and downs can be…

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  • Astroworld Research Paper

    I. Introduction: A. On October 30th, 2005, Houston, Texas lost its only major amusement park when Six Flags decided to close the gates to AstroWorld after operating since the summer of 1968. B. AstroWorld was once full of history and thrilling attractions, and although some of the rides have been taken elsewhere, it may soon be open for business under a new name. C. Now, unless you are a native Houstonian or visited Houston when AstroWorld was still up and running, then you probably weren’t…

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  • 8th Grade Experience Research Paper

    Inside the food court, the air was filled with the smells of delicious chowder, coffee , hot dogs and cheeseburgers and the hot heat coming from the grill. I chose both hot dogs and cheeseburgers and poured some ketchup on both the cheeseburger and hot dog. Of course , I accidentally knocked over my juice cup on the ground when I tried to reach for the chip bowl, thankfully nobody noticed the sound of the cup hitting the floor and nobody saw it. I hurried away to a table and sat down to eat my…

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