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  • Personal Narrative: The New Jail

    As of 2002, it is considered a historic landmark, the jail was built in 1921 and was the second jail to be built in town. In 2004, a grant was earned to remodel the whole facility and the commissioners moved in. If anyone was to visit they would see original bars all over. Each office for the commissioners is an old jail cell. So many politician jokes float around my head at this realization. Mrs. Teague, excitedly describes the heart carved into the steel behind her crowded bookshelf. The food slots that the prisoners had to hungrily stare at are still visible. She tells of how an old Sheriff tells of going out to buy McDonald’s hamburgers back in the day because all of the food had to be brought in. Now, the jail has the food prepared on sight, but the imagery is there. Another point of interest is the old locks, still visible behind a white panel. The panel opens and levers can be seen which used to be used to lock the entire jail in one instant. “It was pretty secure, a couple jailbreaks, but overall it was good.” Mrs. Teague remarks. Behind some bars are the bathrooms, still in their original location, but I’ve been assured that they were remodeled when the commissioners moved in. She points down as she explains that is creepy down below but that is where the 911 call center was one time held. I ask if anyone ever comes just to see this history, and she chuckles out a no. Three commissioners and one administrative assistant work out of the…

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  • Teague Higgons Analysis

    Teague Higgons Mr. DeJong Art Of language Cynthia Ann Bailey Life of Cynthia Ann Bailey Cynthia Ann Bailey was born on October 17, 1968 in Kettering, OH. She went to Ascension for kdg.-8th grade and graduated highschool at Kettering Fairmont. Some of her hobbies/sports are gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, softball, photography and cheer. She has many awards such as various photography awards, master's degree in photography and salesperson of the year. She has been Married to Brent Robert…

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  • Matthew Teague The Raging Silence Analysis

    “The Raging Silence” is a prime example for homicide in Philadelphia, and how it not only affects the victim’s families and friends, but also the entire community. The author of this article, Matthew Teague, explains the misfortune of gang and drug violence on innocent lives. Teague touches on the homicides of an innocent elementary student, Faheem Childs and an innocent teenager, Lamont Adams. Both of those boys were victims of gun violence in broad daylight. The criminals in North Philadelphia…

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  • Major Life Differences

    In “The Real World,” James Farrell says, “…‘the real world’ is basically the commercial world, the world of American business. When students talk about ‘the real world,’ they’re not usually thinking about love and relationships or friends and children. They’re not talking about spiritual life or religious community. They’re not talking about their leisure pursuits. They’re not talking about travel or vacations. They’re talking about the work world, in which people toil for a wage to support…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Play In William Shakespeare´s Romeo And Juliet?

    In order to get the feel of Russia, Ms. Teague hung a giant poster of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, over one of the balconies. The poster was meant to symbolize Russia and the fact that Putin is allowing the violent vigilantism against homosexuals in his country. Besides the poster, the set consisted of a stationary wagon and a few black boxes. The location of the play made no sense to me. If Ms. Teague had wanted to make it obvious to the audience that the play was set in Russia,…

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  • Analytical Essay: The Crime Rate In Philly

    In an article by Phillymag, Matthew Teague expresses concern about the decaying state of safety in a once welcoming place. Teague writes, “In North Philadelphia, the cost of speaking out against violence might be your life. But keeping quiet has a steep price, too.”(Teague 1). Philadelphia is one of the most popular cities worldwide and is known as the city of brotherly love. With such a great reputation, one would expect the city to be tranquil, but this has not been the case. The crime rate in…

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  • Keith Hallmark Research Paper

    Stripling said it does not matter how tired you may be, you have to push through and be great for others. He said becoming a firefighter is a whole lifestyle change. Stripling said that you miss holidays, or can’t be there for birthdays. He said it has definitely impacted his family. “Sometimes you may be on your day off, but you can still get called in if the system is too overwhelmed with emergencies,” Stripling said. He said it can take awhile for your family and close ones to get on…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Sense Of Place

    Sense of Place My family’s van driving into an isolated Hispanic village taking in a deep breath of nature at its purest. Surrounded by big green trees, we passed a mini mart as we made a turn to the village. As the drive continues the refreshing smell of nature entices my sense of smell. Approaching my grandfather 's home, the excitement begins to build up. When we arrived, we jumped out of the van and took a big deep breath of fresh air as we ran off relinquishing our excitement. My…

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  • Shakespeare's Accomplishments

    land. If Shakespeare was indeed correct. If all the world is a stage, then there are a lucky few that have a corner on the market: Their home, their world has always been the stage. And for those pursuing a degree from The University of Alabama’s Department of Theatre and Dance, their home, their stage does if fact span all the world—to performances of Hamilton and Kinky Boots and standing ovations at productions in Scotland and Ecuador. “We have been on a great run these past few years,”…

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  • Homer's Odyssey Vs O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    toad which is another example of Circe in the Odyssey turn the men into pigs. Big Dan Teague with one eye is another excellent representation of the Cyclops Polyphemus. Big Dan is a pastor of the people and Polyphemus is the Shepard of some sheep. Big Dan Teague squeezes the toad that Delmar thinks is Pete to death. Polyphemus the Cyclops kills some of Odysseus men by eating them. Vernon T Waldrip represents the suitors as he is trying to marry Penny while Everett was away. Penny believes a…

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